Sweet Enough

I recently found out I have metabolic syndrome and was told to dramatically reduce the carbohydrates I take in. My understanding is that it means I have taken in so much sugar for so long that my body is sort of immune… Continue Reading →

Four Legged Fur Babies

Funny story – I told a few people I was asked to write about the Shih Tzus in our family and they all laughed. I guess you could say I’m a bit obsessed with my fur babies. It all started with… Continue Reading →

Tow Truck Adventures

Stories from the Tow Away zone… This summer both kids were licensed, working full weeks at their jobs and were on different shifts. My husband and I were both working too. Between juggling taxiing and letting them take the cars, things became… Continue Reading →

Packing Challenge

Today is another bittersweet day at our house. My son is up in his room contemplating packing for his second year at university where he will be living in a rental house with a bunch of friends. Last year we had… Continue Reading →


August is a bittersweet time around here – it’s the month you have to squeeze in everything you wanted to get done for summer and the countdown is on before my son goes back to Kingston for school. With both kids… Continue Reading →

Home of the Boovs

We just watched a delightful move called Home. It’s a Dreamworks Animation film on Netflix and sure it’s a “kid’s” film but my 17 year old and I loved it. It kind of reminded me of shows like the Flintstones… Continue Reading →

Visiting the 8th Wonder of the World

Brought to you by Niagara Canada and The Co. The Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada is one of my favourite places to visit. There is such a diverse selection of things to do, places to see, and experiences to have… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Road Trips

It’s almost the end of summer and I was looking back on all our road trips this year. It’s amazing what you can fit into two months! I love getting to know places around me and enjoy the whole ‘road trip’ adventure… Continue Reading →


What a month July was! So many things to see and share this summer. Here are the three you guys liked the most followed by a couple of my favs… 1.I took this picture in the spring but reposted it for Canada… Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Try to Eat my Ford

On the road again… Late this spring Jennifer Pitt and I braved the roads to visit our Prime Minister and his cabinet far, far away in Ottawa … Only to find it was their week off! So instead we decided to attend… Continue Reading →

Canadian Content

Happy Birthday Month Canada! Did you know Swedish Fish are a Canadian thing? Just like buttertarts, Halls throat lozenges, Nanaimo bars and ketchup chips.  In honour of this country’s birthday, I have been thinking of things that are, well, Canadian. Recently… Continue Reading →

Keeping it Simple

Summer is going by as fast as ever – especially with the kids both working. It’s all about them having their first real summer jobs with full time hours this year. They are both very busy as rangers at a local campground and… Continue Reading →

A Simple Coupon

Coupon Bonanza I just found out that Groupon has a coupon site – did you know that? (Oh and just so you know this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.) It’s called Groupon Coupons. I was invited to… Continue Reading →

Family Bonding in Burlington

Bonding Time During Our Staycation We’ve had a big change this past year – our oldest child went away to university and lived in residence in another town. (Click here to see more of this.) bonding As a very close family, this… Continue Reading →

Bingeing Through the Heatwave

Bingeing Do you remember the good old days when you had to wait until a certain time on a certain day to watch a show which was constantly interrupted by commercials? Or you’d wait for the break to rush to… Continue Reading →

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