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6 Reasons Why

This April we were introduced to a new show on Netflix that has stirred many passionate responses from people across the country. We have heard of youth facilities that have actually banned this show from their lineup concerned about how it will be perceived by youth. This response surprises myself, my husband who works with youth and my daughter who is an 18 year old teen. She was actually motivated to write this post to share her thoughts on why she thinks we should all watch 13 Reasons Why, get into it on a personal level, and talk.  My reasons why we should all watch this show: One - Watching shows that evoke emotions is a good thing. It allows you to experience the ups or downs of life without actually having to do whatever you need to do to experience it. The show did a great job showing the ups and downs of high school. Yes, it may seem a bit extreme and I hope for the sake of any teen, tween or child that this is unfamiliar behaviour to them. But the truth is, some kids do feel this way. It’s important for that to be known. Two - Good people don’t…

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Social Media and Self Esteem

Welcome Guest Poster Emma Harris! Emma and classmates have been working hard on raising awareness for causes affecting not just teens but people of all ages and demographics. These kids mean serious business and have created videos, Twitter campaigns, Instagram galleries and promotional materials to get the word out. I'm very proud and will now step aside... For years now society has been aware of the unrealistic standards set by magazines, movies and fashion shows. There have been women strutting around in close to no clothing, men photoshopped to perfection, and diet pills and gym memberships advertised for even the youngest of kids to see. There have been many attempts to raise awareness for these corrupt messages in today’s world, but the problem remains. Worse yet, it has grown out of control. Now we can’t just close the magazine, change channels or not attend the fashion show to get away from the advertisement. In today’s society everyone uses the internet. They uses laptops, phones, iPads or tablets. With these amazing devices comes a great consequence - we give up our right to being ad free. We’re constantly bombarded with ads. There are also other sources of these unrealistic standards,…

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Best Apple Cake Recipe

My very good friend and incredible baker Maria Jose Condesa recently visited me. She was determined to help me deal with the apple surplus I had from my tree this year. It seemed to be an excellent year for my fruit trees. They have grown so high! Not so good for tomatoes though. This apple cake is very delicious warm out of the oven, cooled down or re-heated.  As I watched her prepare and bake this cake I realized how lucky I am to have: An apple tree in my backyard; A country to live in that has ever changing weather with cooler temperatures to make the apples sweet; Good friends with apple cake recipes! Maria Jose has this really neat way to chop apples - she scores them vertically - all over the apple, then turns them and scores horizontally. ENJOY!  

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Give the “Gift of Hope” this Christmas Season!

Thank you for having me back on as a guest poster, Carin. Holiday season is upon us now that it is officially November! Invites to Holiday corporate parties and festive get togethers are already on their way. If you are planning to do a 'Secret Santa' with your co-workers and/or family this year, why not consider something different .... like donating to a special cause as a group.  Instead of giving "Sue" another funny mug or "Ted" a set of wacky plaid socks, consider making a donation in their name or in your group's name. Whether your group is your department or family members. A touching way to give back to the business community you work and play in! Tweet "Instead of giving "stuff" this year, many of these national and local charities are running great campaigns to build awareness to help families and children in need." Remember "Giving Tuesday" is Tuesday December 1st ... but you don't have to wait until then to make your gift count. These are some organizations that could benefit from your Christmas donation, whatever the amount. Operation Christmas Child - Samaritan's Purse Canada My son's school did this last year and it really resonated with me.…

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Lisa’s Cake Lollies – a Blissful Bite

I have recently become enamoured of a local business that sells decadent little bites of bliss on a stick. They are absolutely adorable mini cakes, in a ball shape, covered in icing, and made to look fancy. Lisa's Cake Lollies is another one of Bowmanville's best kept secrets. I ordered some for my son's 18th birthday party this summer and they were a HUGE hit. I've taken them to friend's places for dinner and they made the other desserts look bad. At our family reunion this year someone brought some amazing gourmet cheesecakes in several flavours but they were barely touched! These cake lollies are a guaranteed hit anywhere they go. I'm sharing this on my blog because, not only is the product fantastic, but the company's owners do so much for the community around here. Lisa and Sean Ibanez are very generous with charities and individual distinctions. They have weekly draws on their Facebook page and based on input they receive from people, they gift people with cake lollies. I was honoured to receive one of these gifts this year when nominated for helping get our local beach cleaned up. Very unexpected and appreciated. They've done this since March 27, 2011. Lisa is always friendly and…

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