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5 Tips for a Flawless “She Shave”

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette Venus. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you remember the first time you decided to shave your legs? I do. I ended up slicing a big chunk of skin off my ankle bone. It bled like crazy! I thought it would make me more grown up to shave but I really had no idea what I was doing. After that fun first experience I decided to wait a bit longer. Apparently 89% of girls attempt shaving for the first time without permission. shave I remember thinking that after the first time, I would never be able to stop because my hair would grow back in darker and thicker. I didn't realize this was a myth. Now I know that shaving changes the shape at the tip so it might seem to be different but the only thing that determines the kind of hair you have growing out of your legs is your DNA. With so many shaving myths out there, it can be hard to know fact vs. fiction. Check out more advice at In highschool I worked with the men's department of an international beauty company and was trained to shave men in public as…

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Smoothie Smorgasbord

In case you are wondering, a "smorgasbord" is a Swedish buffet. Growing up we used to refer to a large quantity of yummy food as a smorgasbord and now it's a pretty good way to refer to these smoothie recipes.  Do you eat all the fruits and veggies you are suppose to every day? I know I don't. As a matter of fact, I feel like I'm in so much of a hurry most days that getting the good stuff in my diet is not very realistic.  According to the Canada Food Guide,  If you are a woman between the ages of 19 to 50 years of age you should aim to have the following daily: 7-8 servings of vegetables and fruit 6-7 grain products 2 milk and alternatives 2 meat and alternatives 30 - 45 mL (2 to 3 Tbsp) of healthy oils and fats In the last few months I have begun the process of changing my lifestyle. With help from people like the folks at Bulletproof, my family now has a greater understanding of what eating with purpose really means. It is almost as if this knowledge came to us at the perfect time when we were absolutely ready to absorb it.  And then I decided to hop on…

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Frozen Beach Glass

At this time of the year it is really so wonderful to get out into nature, breath the fresh, cold air, and move your body. When you live in a snowy place half the year you learn to either find things to do outside or you are miserable while you wait for spring. My husband and I like to head to the beach to check out the waves - they take on a whole new character in the winter. The beach is my happy place and somewhere I feel connected to the planet. I can think about life while listening to the tides go in and out rhythmically or just look at the pretty colours of the rocks while shutting off all thoughts. It's easy to meditate there.  My husband and I enjoy beach glass hunting amongst all the rocks and driftwood and one day I plan to do wonderful things with the many bits and pieces we have collected. I'm not sure exactly what yet but it'll all become abundantly clear soon enough. In the meantime they wait patiently in glass jars. Yesterday was wonderful. It was -8°C on the north side of Lake Ontario and the waves were fierce…

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It has happened - we are engaged. By engaged I mean committed. And by committed I mean to an act of craziness that might just save my life completely - medically and psychologically. I found out last fall that I needed to make some major changes in my life "or else". Keeping an open mind for a solution this is what I found: The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, or WLFM, is an approach to improving one's life in many ways and it only takes 2% of your entire day to be involved. 15 minutes of intentional movement, 5 minutes of personal reflection or meditation, and 10 minutes of personal enrichment or education. Any person at any level of fitness can do the WLFM, including the "couch potato" being that I was. "The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is not just about physical health but whole-life fitness that blends mindfulness and personal development with equipment-free workouts." This is a free fitness resource with ongoing support in Facebook groups when you sign up on the website here. And this month the bonus is the people at Bulletproof are giving everyone who participates a free copy of Dai's book and the 7 day green smoothie plan.  So you…

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Social Media and Self Esteem

Welcome Guest Poster Emma Harris! Emma and classmates have been working hard on raising awareness for causes affecting not just teens but people of all ages and demographics. These kids mean serious business and have created videos, Twitter campaigns, Instagram galleries and promotional materials to get the word out. I'm very proud and will now step aside... For years now society has been aware of the unrealistic standards set by magazines, movies and fashion shows. There have been women strutting around in close to no clothing, men photoshopped to perfection, and diet pills and gym memberships advertised for even the youngest of kids to see. There have been many attempts to raise awareness for these corrupt messages in today’s world, but the problem remains. Worse yet, it has grown out of control. Now we can’t just close the magazine, change channels or not attend the fashion show to get away from the advertisement. In today’s society everyone uses the internet. They uses laptops, phones, iPads or tablets. With these amazing devices comes a great consequence - we give up our right to being ad free. We’re constantly bombarded with ads. There are also other sources of these unrealistic standards,…

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

In an earlier post here, I explained our new idea family plan for this Christmas gift giving to ensure the kids get useful and meaningful gifts that we think will be more appreciated than the old style of 'bulk' gifting. It's all about quality over quantity. In this post I want to explain a few cool ideas for stocking stuffers - for teens and adults too. These items can be purchased all across Canada. PLUS, at the end you will see a very awesome giveaway for some stocking stuffers too.  Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! Both of our kids are teens and as such require many toiletries and self care items. I have a great pile of goodies for their stockings and am being mindful of what is actually useful. Some of these products they have used before and some are new including the following:  GRAVOL® Natural Source® Ginger Liquid Gel Capsules, Tablets & Lozenges  This product prevents nausea and vomiting with naturally sourced ginger. It is useful for going on those long drives to family homes for Christmas get togethers. My daughter has long since had travel sickness and what I like about this product is that it is non-drowse. It…

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Stress Relief in a Cup

Stress? Me?  It is the time of the year I usually want to stick my head in the sand, cocoon in my house, or stay in bed. To say I find the holiday times stressful is an understatement. And they seem to be coming earlier every year - have you noticed that? Not to mention the time change and less sun during the day - it came so fast this year. If only I could nap every day around 2pm. stress Usually I charge ahead being super human in November and December and on my first day off I crash like a dropped puppet - getting really sick just in time to enjoy my Christmas vacation.  This year I decided to do things a bit differently and get the gift shopping done before the end of November. Hilarious right!?  That way I can have more time for the fun stuff. It means using my time better to get my work done faster. An excellent theory anyway - I just needed to find a way to focus better to get more done in my day while not burning myself out completely.  Butter Coffee? I’d heard about adding healthy fats in my coffee from someone I met in the blogging world.…

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HPV vaccine

Protected Not Infected – the HPV Vaccine

If I could give my kids a vaccine for all the cancers out there I would. Our family has been impacted too many times from this hideous disease and 7 years ago when my son was twelve, we knew that getting him vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) was the right thing to do. He was old enough to understand from the discussions we had with our doctor that he was doing something important to protect not only himself but his future partners as well. Our daughter was vaccinated in grade 8, 4 years ago. I overheard her telling a classmate as they were waiting in line "you need to take responsibility for your own body and health." Out of the mouths of babes. My Story As a young woman, the news that you have 'pre-cancerous cells' on your cervix turns your blood cold. A sexually transmitted condition like this is enough to put you into a tailspin. You suffer through extremely humiliating and painful procedures to remove the dangerous cells and spend the rest of your life being tested and re-tested hoping you won’t develop further symptoms.  At the time of discovery, the doctor tells you HPV must have come from your…

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Sweet Enough

I recently found out I have metabolic syndrome and was told to dramatically reduce the carbohydrates I take in. My understanding is that it means I have taken in so much sugar for so long that my body is sort of immune to it now. sweet Considering I am basically a sugar addict I'm finding this challenging.  The good news is that while cutting back on carbs, I actually have to increase protein and fat content. (I'm allowed because my cholesterol levels are great otherwise I don't know what I'd do.) The protein and fat makes me feel fuller longer.  I've always had an up and down relationship with weight gain - ever since I was very young. Until I was 25 I was chronically 'under weight' and couldn't gain if I wanted to. My doctors had me drinking meal nutrition shakes in addition to regular food but it didn't make a difference. I was much more active back then too and lived on my bike until I was in my early twenties. sweet Then I met my husband, had two kids too close together and hopped aboard the depression roller coaster for a while. All that added up. I have too much weight…

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Radiant Glow Facial Scrub

Pimples have no respect. Whether you are getting married, going for a job interview or celebrating your birthday it is irrelevant. It also doesn't matter if you are 16 or 48. My daughter and I both get them which is a rip off for me - I thought I traded in old age for pimples. I wonder what is the most likely cause - stress, goodies, or late nights?  scrub In an effort to find a 'natural' treatment for our spots, I did a little research into recipes I could make at home. I found a DIY recipe book on I like this company because the shipping is free if my order is over $29. Plus, they have lots of items that I can't find in our local stores.   Acne Fighting Scrub The recipe I found is on lucky page 13 and unlike most DIY recipes for personal products, this one did not intimidate me at all. Plus, there is a recipe for a lavender rose bath scrub that I'd like to try next. ( I think I'll make that for my mother-in-law's birthday in March - she loves home made gifts. ) For this recipe I needed: juice from half a lemon 8…

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Eclecticsoapbox review of DollarShaveClub

Shaving a Buck or Fifty

Still searching for that last minute gift idea?  You can order this one online and it'll be delivered to your gift recipient every month for a year! ( Or one month - or three, or 6 - whatever you like. ) Suitable for any budget it's the gift that's useful, convenient and you'll be remembered with every delivery.  Shave a bundle off your last minute shopping with a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. It’s fun the whole family will enjoy receiving over and over again. Why it's included in the Gifts Students Won't Hate List... because my son is living away at school, on campus and he pays a small fortune for blades at the campus store. He has very little time to go shopping off campus and tells me this is the thing he needs most when I send him care packs. I want him to look well groomed and not have to worry about the expense and time he will spend trying to find new razors. Plus, he doesn't need any more excuses to skip shaving! The best part about this subscription - you can't beat the price. It's delivered to your door every month for…

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Eclectic Review of Scent Trunk

Part of the "Last Minute Gift Ideas Students Won't Actually Hate" guide If the male or female on your gift list loves to smell good, this is the box for them. It's a fabulous concept and I am in love with it. Scent Trunk is a Canadian company operated out of Kingston, Ontario. "Scent has the power to change our mood. It can make us feel relaxed, invigorated, or happy." In the box: This is what your gift recipient will receive - After you set up an account online you will receive a gift card to give to them. They will then create their personalized Scent Profile by answering a questionnaire about the scents they love. Each month they will receive 3 vials of different fragrances as per their preferences, which can be adjusted as much as they like. It comes in a black velvet drawstring bag in a sturdy box with detailed information about each fragrance. I like floral and earthy scents and these were the fragrances selected for me: The details: Gift subscriptions are $54 for 3 months, $96 for 6 months and $180 for 12 months. As soon as the subscription is live, you are enrolled in the "Scent Academy". It helps you to figure…

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Not the End of the World

Bedwetting is not the end of the world but when you are dealing with it in the deepest, darkest hours of the night you tend to think it is. Sometimes things are tough to cope with at that time. We have "a person" in our family who isn't quite ready to talk about this issue. They accept what happened and why but they don't wish to share the details just yet. They need to put a few more decades in between. And that's fine. I'm going to discuss how this affected me as a mother. How I spent over a decade dealing with the stress of bedwetting from the middle of a vortex of self-doubt, blame, anger, frustration and parental angst. How this completely normal and blameless event was a long and educational journey full of societal judgment and misunderstanding. I think it affected me so much because I was an occasional bed wetter until I was a teenager. They say it is hereditary. But first, you must understand that as a parent or caregiver you are not alone in dealing with this. There are many amazing resources available these days that will give you the information you need such…

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Crazy Coconut Oil Cures

For years I've been battling with my dog's stinky ears. Mazey is a ShihTzu and seems to be prone to ear infections. We have tried every kind of over the counter and prescription drops, creams, ointments, sprays and washes available for the last 7 years. Dogs usually contract ear infections because of yeast or bacteria in the ear canal. Ear mites, foreign bodies or excessive ear wax can lead to infection. Symptoms include constant scratching, head shaking, foul odour and/or a discharge. For Mazey it's the smell. Horrible. Don't they look like sweet smelling flowers? Last week a friend told me she'd had a similar problem with her Cocker Spaniels. She ended up putting coconut oil in their ears and after 3 days it cleared up completely. So last Monday I tried it. It's a bit tricky because coconut oil comes in a waxy solid form but melts pretty much as soon as you touch it. I put some on a spoon, pinched a chunk of it with my fingers and put it in her ear right away. Then I closed her ear and massaged it in. She loved that of course. I repeated on the other side and put what was…

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Getting Fat

Here's something I wrote this week. It is not politically correct. I'm suppose to be happy with myself the way I am. I'm not suppose to use the "F" word. Well now I've gone and done it.  Sometimes I really hate the shocks that come with life. Especially today. Lately my clothes have felt uncomfortably tight. I’ve stopped wearing my beloved skirts as my thighs rub together so much I fear they will burst into flames. I sweat in places I didn’t know I could sweat in. I can barely see some of my bits and pieces as I’ve become ‘so much more’ of a woman. I officially have 'back boobs.' (Of course hubs is thrilled.) Back to the shock I had today. Of course it took place in a change room - as all such shocks tend to do. I guess I don’t look at myself often enough to really see what changes are occurring. Not to mention, when I do look ‘back there’ in the bathroom mirror I am twisting around and I swear to you things don’t look so bad in that position.  It’s been a few years since I’ve slept comfortably too if I’m going to be honest. On the…

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