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6 Reasons Why

This April we were introduced to a new show on Netflix that has stirred many passionate responses from people across the country. We have heard of youth facilities that have actually banned this show from their lineup concerned about how it will be perceived by youth. This response surprises myself, my husband who works with youth and my daughter who is an 18 year old teen. She was actually motivated to write this post to share her thoughts on why she thinks we should all watch 13 Reasons Why, get into it on a personal level, and talk.  My reasons why we should all watch this show: One - Watching shows that evoke emotions is a good thing. It allows you to experience the ups or downs of life without actually having to do whatever you need to do to experience it. The show did a great job showing the ups and downs of high school. Yes, it may seem a bit extreme and I hope for the sake of any teen, tween or child that this is unfamiliar behaviour to them. But the truth is, some kids do feel this way. It’s important for that to be known. Two - Good people don’t…

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Lunch Adventures

Welcome back to my friend and guest poster Nan Kulset. I had no idea such a pretty area existed in downtown Oshawa. Some interesting twists happen on this lunch break. I wonder where you'd end up if it was for an hour. Thanks for sharing Nan!   Having a Slice of Life on a Sunny Day in Oshawa It was raining on and off all weekend. My body was craving some sunshine today. Being stuck inside all morning pushing paper, pushing a keyboard and people pushing my buttons finally pushed me over the edge. Taking matters into my own hands, I make ready to venture out for a stroll. I switch my business loafers for walking shoes (the better to sprint away from danger) and make sure my cell phone and keys are well concealed. Putting one foot in front of the other, I start out across the foot bridge over Oshawa Creek. On such a fine fall day, there’s always something to see there. People lounging on benches, taking naps on the grass and strolling around. Everyone casually checking everyone else out. One time when walking over this exact same bridge with my daughter we witnessed two scruffy looking characters…

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Being Tall

What Being Tall Means to Me by Thing 1 Being tall has its disadvantages, the head hitting, the inability to fit in with the crowd and the growing pains, oh God the growing pains. I have always been on the taller side of my peers. It was not until the last five years that I really shot up and in the last two that I realized that the “disadvantages” of being tall were just lessons to highlight all of its advantages. All doors are low to some. Walking around my home, specifically the basement, things started getting closer and closer to my head. Or I should say I got closer to those things. This happened gradually at first, my cranium inching closer to these inanimate objects, most of which were light fixtures, I didn’t notice how close I was. One day that changed fast. I was walking along in my basement, with a little spring in my step, bouncing to some music on my way to let my dog out. Enter the antagonist, it was a classic confrontation – inanimate body part versus household object – the ceiling light. In a classic ‘death from above’ fashion it rained pain on…

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Colourful DIY Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Thank you Carin for having us back as a Guest Blogger! Hope everyone has been having a great summer! Today we wanted share this DIY plant stand mini-project. We wanted to do it earlier this summer but life/work has been go go go! Outdated hunter green plant standWe saved this plant stand from a friend’s curbside a while back. As you can see, it was a 1990’s hunter green, a little dirty, and a little rusty but otherwise in great shape. So we knew we could breathe it back to life again. The notion of “reduce, reuse and recycle” of helping to sustain our environment for the future.  It can be used indoors and/or outdoors so we wanted to add a punch of colour to it. Our inspirations!This pretty terra cotta/orange planter bowl caught our eye when Target Canada (we so so miss them!) was closing. Then, we came across the cute bright striped citronella candle. So we got inspiration to spray paint it a soft, calming blue from these two.  We knew it would be a fun way to display outdoors through the summer months. We used Krylon Glossy ‘Bahama Sea’ – how fitting for the season! Pretty blue to give it a facelift!  Ready to be spray painted outdoors!  Fresh…

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Tattoo with butterfly on

Tattoo Fan

My friend Bev has shared one of her stories here before. Bev works in retail and meets all sorts of people. Today she ponders the self-art of tattoos. I had a young lady at my cash the other day and she had multiple tattoos everywhere. I would say she was about 17 years of age. I LOVE TATOOS! So I was very interested in all of hers. I asked if her tattoos had a special meaning for her. She said some of them do and some don't. I looked at them and made some comments about how beautiful the artwork was. I also made the comment on how many she had. Her reply to me was this: "I am sort of a freak like that." She was such a beautiful young lady. I looked right at her and I said to her: "NEVER EVER say that you are a FREAK! You are definitely UNIQUE!" That put a big smile on her face and she said: “THANK YOU!” I smiled back at her and said: "Have a great day!" There are many options for tattoos. If you are considering getting one, I've been told by the previously tattoo'ed to draw what you want on your…

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A History of Residency

Welcome to my friend and guest poster Nan Kulset. Glad to have your reflections posted here! This is something I wouldn't have thought of myself but now that you mention it... A History of Residency 1966 – 2015 As a Student Finance Advisor, I meet with a lot of eager students who are hoping to tap into our fine country’s public financial reserves with the end goal of making their way in life. Every province in Canada has a different name for government student funding. In Ontario, it’s known as OSAP. The funding tool is helpful to students with financial need and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the process. In fact, I get a strong sense of pride when students graduate and meet their educational and career goals. In this way, I have a sweet job. It’s not a bad educational funding system and for the most part it works smoothly. There are times, however, when I’m left scratching my head, and feel a great deal of empathy for the applicant in terms of the documentation that required of them. There is one particular document that is sometimes required of students who haven’t lived in Ontario…

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Master Bedroom … bold attraction

Bold Indeed! Guest Blogger:  Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski I know it's been a while ... but as promised I'm back with the final instalment of my Interior Design client's Master Bedroom. Our clients embraced the idea of having an accent wall in their bedroom so we went with Benjamin Moore's Watermelon Red to invoke a bold yet passionate statement as you step into their bedroom. Their surrounding walls are Benjamin Moore's White Cloud; a nice peaceful balance for them to unwind in at the end of a long day's work. Family Photos hang over their bed We found a large horizontal frame with geometric prints at Winners .... my clients loved the frame but not the prints.  But it was a great deal so we decided to remove the three graphical prints and make it their very own by adding family photos in black and white.  A mini-DIY project! As they were moving from Toronto to a small home, they still needed to find a place for all their clothes. We turned to Closets By Design to maximize all the space they could get from their Master Bedroom Closet. Master Bedroom - Before Master Bedroom - Closet Install by Closets By Design Ahhh ... gotta love…

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Are Adorable Babies Ruling the World with Hashtags?

Two days ago my friend Amber posted an image of her year old daughter on Instagram with lots of paper money around her:   When your baby has more money then you! #richbaby #ballinbaby #cash #monkeynans #richbabies #richbabyofinstagram #richbabiesofinsta #richbabiesofinstagram A photo posted by Amber Simpson (@ambersimpson87) on May 11, 2015 at 11:56am PDT May 11 - 12:56pm So cute right? Within hours, this image had been used in a post targeting these hashtags: #RichBabiesOfInstagram #RichBabies #RichBaby #cash Many more surfaced shortly after including: May 12 May 13 May 14 There are even some in non-English blogs!  Keep in mind these showed up in less than 3 days. So what is the deal? First of all, clearly there are people who crawl the internet looking for trends to write about. These people get paid to do this. Interesting. Hashtags are so powerful now and make this job much easier. Some of the comments on these posts are quite negative. Some people read way too much into these images, and jump to the wrong conclusions. Seriously - the parents posted this image for fun. It's a good example of how something completely innocent can be twisted way out of proportion. I love…

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The Lost Art of the Greeting Card

I have a very talented friend contributing today - Sheri Ballantyne. We met many moons ago when she first began building her scrapbooking business with Close To My Heart. Sheri ruined store bought cards for me forever after I went to one of her Christmas card seminars. She's one of the most positive people I know and I'm so glad we met. The Lost Art of the Greeting Card When was the last time you received something happy in the mail? In this age of instant gratification, electronic communication and always being on the go, greeting cards … especially handmade ones … are far more rare and precious than they ever used to be. But you can change that, one greeting card at a time. Mark an occasion with special thought When you send a handmade greeting card to celebrate a birthday, a new baby, a graduation … any special occasion … you add importance to the milestone. These things aren’t everyday events and shouldn’t be marked by an everyday, no-thought-really-required email. A handmade card really makes the other person feel special, and we all deserve to feel that way on our important days. Send a card “just because”. Life…

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Kickboxing My Way To Sanity

Here's a little known fact - I do have friends who are sane - at least by my method of measurement. Sanity is a precious asset and we need to do our best maintain it. Life can suck and be really hard to be a part of sometimes but we go on. We find coping mechanisms like what Jennifer Weymark-Fox encountered during some very dark days. Have a look at the inspiring journey she describes as this week's special guest blogger: Kickboxing My Way To Sanity Okay, the title might be overstating it because whether or not I am sane is probably still up for debate but I can safely state that kickboxing helped to pull me out of my darkest days. It all started with the birth of my first kidlet. Actually, thinking back, it probably started with that first pregnancy. It was a rough one. I spent the entire pregnancy puking several times a day. I was worn down, frustrated because I felt so horrible and completely over the whole being pregnant thing. Turns out that the rough pregnancy was just the beginning as I found myself sliding into a depression, one that continued to grow deeper and darker with my second pregnancy…

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A Luxurious Bathroom to Indulge In

Guest Blogger Rosita Carobelli It’s Friday! And it’s been a busy month, folks… between a busy work schedule, March Break and a sick household, I’ll be happy when March is over. Today I want to share with you the luxurious bathroom I decorated for my clients. A small place full of stylish details! My clients chose the sparkling granite countertop to complement their milky 'blueish-greyish, purplish' choice for their cabinets. The colour chosen was Benjamin Moore’s Yukon Sky, part of the Designer Classic Collection. I wanted to play on the purple in terms of accents alongside soft grey and yellow touches.  A purple bathmat, pretty yellow towels, and a grey starburst fabric shower curtain helped set the stage, so to speak. (All from Target Canada – as we’ve said before, we’re really, really going to miss them!!) I found the soft art print piece at HomeSense which invokes feelings of tranquility; perfect for the room where you hide away to sometimes. The light blues and greens, white puffy-like clouds with a hint of purple just creates a state of calmness. The sophisticated light fixture you see was already chosen by my clients, and I’m so glad they did! I recommended the Urban Barn mirror with its weaved design style; allowing the two…

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Being Welcomed Home

Warm yet functional entryway. Burlington, Ontario, Canada Happy Friday everyone! Today we wanted to feature the warm yet functional entryway we designed for our client project series. As you can see below, the previous homeowners had kept their golf clubs by the doorway. And, it had an outdated brass light fixture and flowery traditional runner welcoming them in. With little twin girls and two working parents, we wanted to create an entrance that would work for our clients in the mornings as they rush out the door to work and daycare, and when they come home from a tired day. We wanted to keep this busy family of four’s entryway tidy and organized. So we did just that by personalizing four individual baskets to keep their mitts, hats, scarves and tiny shoes all stored in one spot. We found this pretty white bench with shutter sliding doors and storage shelves (from Target Canada); it fit perfect with the rest of their main floor’s open-concept décor look and feel.  The vintage-inspired pillow was a surprise find from Kitchen Stuff Plus that complemented the solid navy blue sweater-style pillow (also from Target Canada – hey what can we say, we LOVE Target!). We fell in love (so did our clients) with the wooden rustic accent…

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Cozy Up and Unwind

By Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Creative Design Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest "Whatever your Marketing need, count on us to put it All in Place!" Hi everyone … as promised, I’m back with my client project’s Living Room unveil.  As I had mentioned before, my clients bought a home that was outdated and in need of some tender loving care.  Below is what it looked like while it was listed on the market. This is what it looks like now!  A modern yet cozy living room look and feel! My clients wanted an inviting living room where they could relax, indulge and entertain with their twin little girls. All the while looking through their big bay window to welcome in the natural light. We chose the couch, rustic chairs and nesting tables, and coffee table together, while my client really, really wanted the two different eclectic table lamps. (She didn’t want a matching set.) To play on the yellow/teal/gray colour scheme from their dining room chandelier, I brought in pretty accent pillows from Target (we’re going to miss them!) and Urban Barn while adding geometric vases from Bowring and Winners. The stylish, patterned grey…

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Interior Design Adventure IDS2015

Our adventure to IDS2015 Toronto! By Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Creative Design Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest "Whatever your Marketing need, count on us to put it All in Place!" Saturday January 24th, I went to the Interior Design Show 2015 (IDS2015) with a girlfriend. Let me tell you, I was SOOOOO EXCITED to go! Because it was my very first time … and because we were supposed to go last year but there was a huge snow storm that prevented me from doing so. There was so many booths from furniture retailers and distributors to tile and rug suppliers to independent vendors …. so much to see! So I’d like to share with you some of my fave things that captured my attention! We LOVED these unique décor furniture pieces from Quake Furniture – stood out in the crowd for me! This pretty brass lighting fixture caught our eye! This was another unique lighting fixture that spoke to us! How pretty are these sleek modern shelving ideas! Pretty wallpapered pantry at one of IKEA’s tradeshow kitchen booths Reminded me of the pretty tiles from my uncle’s home in Portugal. Creekside Tile Company tradeshow…

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Newly-renovated Kitchen and Dining Room – fresh, stylish and sleek

Kitchen WOW!

Rosita is back to share some of her latest decorating adventures.   I’m back! Thank you Carin for welcoming me as a guest blog contributor once again. I had an amazing opportunity in 2014 to work on a complete home renovation with clients moving from Toronto to Burlington. They wanted a bigger backyard and slower life pace for their twin girls and themselves. So they bought a bungalow that was still decorated circa 1970s. It needed a complete makeover! Kitchen layout as it was before Before: Separate Kitchen Area Before: A wall separated the Dining Room from the Kitchen Area Once the contractors were done their job (a two and a half month process), I could start mine! And voila, this is how the kitchen and dining room turned out: A DIY classic polka dot roman shade contributes to the kitchen’s overall fresh look Fresh, open and welcoming as you come through their front door! I helped them pick out Benjamin Moore paint colours for their kitchen cabinets and surrounding walls. This beautiful, fresh kitchen style welcomes my clients home everyday! As well, I recommended the white submarine backsplash tiles with a light blue (the pictures don’t truly reflect the…

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