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I’ve joined an exciting group of awesome bloggers who are making #fiveonfriday posts every week. I’m looking forward to learning more about these other bloggers and getting tips and ideas about how to bring great content to my blog.  Check them out:

Product Junkie

Two Fun Moms

Simple On Purpose

Just Another Edmonton Mommy

Canadian Basics


My first foray into the #fiveonfriday realm will be to showcase some of my favourite Instagram’s. I’ve been looking for a way to include them in my blog. Some of them make it to my actual blog posts as images in the content or featured images. They really capture my ‘art-part’. As a visual person, I’ve got so much to say in my images and the old saying is that “a picture speaks a thousand words.”

(By the way, I kind of snuck in another Instagram picture as my feature image. This is from my son’s prom photoshoot with the awesomely talented Michelle Kimmerly at SnowAngel Studios. She is so creative with her poses and I couldn’t resist taking this shot.)

My Instagram friends seem to like them. I hope you do too!

1. This one impressed me so much I made it the feature image of a two part series I did on things to do in Burlington, Ontario. If you’d like to read more about it click this link here.

2. My beautiful daughter, Thing 2, took this image herself – I cannot take photo credit for it. She is developing into an intuitive photographer and I’m loving seeing where her talent takes her. Thing 2 has shown promise in this area since she was very little. This picture is so full of life and spontaneity and joy! She looks so happy and energetic here. I just LOVE IT! 


Living in the moment #beauty #family #daughter #mylove A photo posted by Carin (@eclecticsoapbox) on

3. Have you ever felt drawn to a particular geographical landmark? I have always felt a pull to Lake Ontario. Seems odd to me but you will see many images from in and around the lake as I spend so much time by it. I love to find new places to explore. I tried to explain this attraction here. This particular image is of a thistle bud on a plant that was taller than my husband. (Over 6 feet!) I find it so alien looking and different. Some may see a weed but I see a beautiful, balanced design with mysterious uniqueness.


#lakeOntario gives me power. And look at these thistles! Beautiful. #BlissPhotoaday A photo posted by Carin (@eclecticsoapbox) on

4. this was a very emotional September for me. And my husband and Daughter, (Thing 2). Our son, Thing 1, went off to University in another city. If you think kindergarten was hard wait until your child moves away from home for the first time! As I explain in the comments below this image, Thing 2 took pity on me and let me celebrate her first day back at school this year. It’s the first time she’s headed off alone.

5. I’ve made this casserole a few times now and each time is better than the last. Recently I added bacon bits from Costco, red peppers, and more cheese. You can’t go wrong! It seems like lots of work but as with any recipe, you just have to get all the ingredients together before you start. If you want the recipe, check out this link. (And trust me – you want this recipe!)

If you want to see more, follow me on Instagram here. See you there!



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