Celebrate the Chill – #FiveonFriday

Since we’ve just welcomed my favourite season of the year this week, I thought I’d share some of the best parts of it – according to me.

#1 Crisp Air

It’s that magic time between turning off the a/c and turning on the furnace. I love sleeping with the windows wide open. The cool air kills most of what ails my allergies. The Clean crisp air freshens my lungs and all the rooms in the house. To have the air flowing through from front to back is just so lovely. Everything smells better when it’s cooler out. I love walking in the woods when the leaves start to come down. The colours are miraculous. chill


#2 Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING

Donuts, muffins, pies, cakes, coffees, air fresheners… Seriously – who doesn’t associate this with the fall? It gets me thinking of Thanksgiving, halloween and soon Christmas. I need to find pumpkin spice fudge next – or maybe I’ll just make my own? Of course the harvesting that goes on in the fall is epic. In my area, pumpkins, corn, apples oh my. The cider starts to flow. The apple wine is prepared. This year our raspberry bushes are totally showing off – we’ve had 3 harvests so far! The cool air makes them sweeter. Same with the apples. The comfort food recipes start to come out too. Yummy!

fall flavours

#3 The Colours everywhere

Yes the trees are sporting their beautiful plumage but so are the garden flowers! They make a comeback after the drought that is summer around here. The days are mild enough that the flowers can compete with the trees in their showy glory. I love the trees of course. And the thinning of the leaves really helps you appreciate the beautiful bark underneath. The animals are all busy burrowing into their winter nests.  The mosquitos are finally gone! The monarch butterflies are preparing to make their way across the lake. Colours and no haze from the smog to deal with.butterflies

#4 Layering & Snuggling

You can add the layers on to your hearts content. Mixing and matching. T-shirts, flannel shirts, sweaters and jackets. Add as many as you like. This is the good thing about the cooler weather vs hot – you can only take off so many layers after all. I like having the option to add more. When the kids were younger we did everything outside in the fall. The asthma wasn’t such a big deal without the smog and humidity. Red cheeks and sparkling eyes.


#5 New beginnings

Sounds weird I know but autumn to me means starting over. It’s like a clean slate out of the hot summer heat. It’s time to get moving again! Students are back in school. For a lot of years that was a pretty big deal to me personally. Then the Things came along and they are still in school. It means changing your wardrobe and freshening up the closet. There are more fashion options too. Plus BOOTS! I just love the fall. So much so I got married in the fall – oh and born in it too. It’s nature’s last big celebration before the winter lays down it’s blanket of ice. Chill


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