Five Fav Free Apps

Here are my top favourite free apps of all time:


I love this app! I use it all the time. It’s basically all the sales fliers out there on your phone. You can pick your favourite stores then browse, make shopping lists, price match, and now with the newest version there are coupons! You click on a coupon and it shows you all the places that the product is on sale so you can pick how much you want to save! I just love it. And the stores that do price matching accept it as proof. How cool is that?



I no longer read books – I listen to them. This app connects to my library and lets me download the stories I want in audio or digital books on my phone or tablet. It is so terrific! I hate to do housework but with a book going in the background the time just flies. Plus, I listen to stories in my car which also makes the drive seem faster. (Great for kid calming in the car too!)



What can I say? I’ve been bitten by the creative bug. I’m a visual person and I love sharing my views of the world in these nifty little images. Have a look at what I see here.



Everything goes here. It’s an app that came with my phone but I use it for everything from storing packing lists, recipes and shopping lists to keeping images together for blogs I’m planning out. Pretty boring right? But, the fact that it transfers all my notes between all my devices makes me so happy….



As the name implies it’s a large version of a clock. Great now that I’ve had eye surgery and need reading glasses for up close stuff. This helps when I’m working away at something or just watching tv and I don’t want to put the glasses on and off constantly. Crazy simple but I use it all the time.


What are you favourite apps?

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