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favourite musicians,

I’m not sure at all how to decide who my favourite musicians are. Do I go by the vinyl I collected in the day? Or what is on my iTunes? Or what I hum in my head all the time? This is very tough to say. Music has always had a dramatic place in my life. They have helped me move through different emotional states, identify my feelings and move along.

I identified songs that were significant to me at some part of my life last year. They were linked to deeply personal situations.

Now though there are so many songs and bands that I love hearing. I can’t pick five only. It’s just not possible. So for the purposes of this post I will select 5 of my ‘favourites’. Let’s start with that.

These are the ones that come to mind right away with artwork from my own personal collection of albums:

1.0 U2

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.52.00 PM

2.0 Eminem  musicians

Eminem cover

3.0 BonJovi

Bon Jovi cover

4.0 Eagles

Eagles LP

5.0 Sade

Sade album cover


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