5 Places to Take Your Chocoholic

The Burlington Chocolate Trail

A few weeks ago I was invited to preview what will be the Burlington Chocolate Trail – happening the whole month of May. All I really noticed when I saw the invitation was CHOCOLATE. (How did they know I was a chocoholic?) I LOVE sweets, cakes, chocolate, marshmallows, gooey stuff. So d’uh of course I was very excited to go. 

Last year I visited some great spots in Burlington and had a blast. I had no idea prior to that trip how amazing this town to the west of Toronto was. It’s a great place to bring your family for a Staycation.

Back to the Chocolate Trail – It was amazing. I’d recommend taking your chocoholic loving Mum, self or otherwise loved one to check into the following places:

Molly Cakes 


Chocolate cakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate dipped yummies, and chocolate macaroons. Be still my heart!

Here I learned how to make macaroons. Pronounced MA-CA-RON – you have to wrinkle up your nose to pronounce it correctly.


Now that is how you stuff a macaroon!

I also found out this creative and delightful bakery only uses natural ingredients – as they say:

We use real lemons and not artificial lemon flavouring.
We use butter, and not butter flavoured shortening.
We use real whipping cream, and not an edible oil substitute.
We do not use additives, preservatives or fillers.

Good to know in this day and age where so many people are sensitive to alternatives.

shortcakes http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/ 

Mother’s Day Alert: On May 12th they are offering a cake tasting seminar for $10 (redeemable to next custom purchase,) but call to get your name on the list – spaces are limited. 

I think it’s worth sharing that owner Christine has created a charity called the Green Egg Program to support local charities. The recipients change regularly.

green egg http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

Mrs B’s Gifthouse

biscuits http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

Walking into this shop is like going over to a friends parent’s house. Mr. and Mrs. B welcome you with open arms. You can feel how much love they have for their business and it’s customers. In addition to all the goodies they make, they also offer gift baskets that you can order online or in store. 

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the biscotti Mr. B gave us. Normally I find biscotti a bit too hard but his was wonderfully firm – not hard, and fresh. He says it stays like that for a long time even though there are no artificial preservatives in it. 

biscotti http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

I love his attitude to baking – he says – “Food is what you make it.” So in other words – be happy, have fun and enjoy your life and the good vibrations will make your food taste better!

Biscotti Bark Chocolate Trail http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

This is a family invention – I can’t tell any of the family secrets Mr. B shared about them but I can say they are delicious!

 Walker’s Chocolates

nice selection http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

This store took my breath away. Pretty much everything you can imagine being covered in chocolate was here. In the 33 years this family business has been making chocolate fantasy’s come true, they have come up with some really interesting and delicious chocolate delivery methods including signature items like their famous butter crunch cookies and caramel escargot.

lots of goodies http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

Mother’s Day Alert: Plus! Just in time for Mother’s Day they have a tea and chocolate tasting event taking place all May. Milk Chocolate Mint Meltaways would be a GREAT gift idea for some people who may have written this delicious post. 

gift box http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

Also starting in May is their frozen Banana on a stick dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in your choice of coconut, crushed smarties or sugared nuts. I LOVED this and encourage everyone to try it. I used my picture of it for the main heading picture on this post. 

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts

how to melt chocolate http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

There is a science to chocolate you know. It’s not just all about how delicious, versatile and fulfilling it is. (OK for me it is but for the rest of you…)

Bet you didn’t know that the beans chocolate is made from are called cacao before they are harvested. Once they are on route to be made into dreamy rich chocolate, they are referred to as cocoa

For the first time ever I met an internationally trained Chocolatier who goes by the name Bernard Mueller – although I though he should be called “He Who Knows All the Secrets.” 

beans http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

He allowed us to sample several kinds and qualities of chocolate and explained the process of how the chocolate we love ends up making our mouths as happy as it does. I’d encourage you to attend one of the seminars Bernie hosts to learn about with chocolate cycle, wine and liquor pairings.

Mother’s Day Alert:

In May Christy’s is running a Bean to Bar Process event. Learn about “Beyond the Bean” – a story of Love, Chocolate Love that is. Call to sign up. 

chocolate and wine pic courtesy of Christy's http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

Image courtesy of Christy’s

Since visiting Christy’s I have become quite addicted to their secret family recipe for Belgium Milk Chocolate Sponge Toffee. If you’d like to see what that looks like click this link

no sugar but still sweet http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

Je Spa

spa secrets http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

After all that chocolate is sloshing around in your belly make sure you stop by this spa for a chocolate facial or pedicure. It’ll clean you up and refresh you with all sorts of good healing properties.

The proprietress Jessica was incredibly knowledgeable about what helps every possible skin condition as well as the best way to keep thing looking good. I would LOVE to have a facial, pedicure or massage there one day. 

The perfect ending to your Chocolate Trail Adventures!

facial bits http://www.eclecticsoapbox.com/5-places-to-take-your-chocoholic/

More information for all events in May can be found on the Burlington Tourism Website here or click on the heading of each business to go to their website.  Maybe I’ll see you there! 

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