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A Fresh New Day

A little while ago I was asked to share my family’s experiences dealing with enuresis - the bed wetting condition that most commonly occurs at night. ( Click here to see the first post. ) In that post I mentioned that it was a condition that affects way more kids than is commonly known, approximately 1 in 6. I found a great site full of information about bedwetting that helped answer all my questions: GoodNites Bedwetting Education. Since then many people have discussed this condition with me. I have been thanked more for publishing that post than any other I have…

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Not the End of the World

Bedwetting is not the end of the world but when you are dealing with it in the deepest, darkest hours of the night you tend to think it is. Sometimes things are tough to cope with at that time. We have "a person" in our family who isn't quite ready to talk about this issue. They accept what happened and why but they don't wish to share the details just yet. They need to put a few more decades in between. And that's fine. I'm going to discuss how this affected me as a mother. How I spent over a…

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Train tracks into the distance

Work With Me

How can you call it work when it's so much fun? I am happily married with two young adults in college and university. We live within the eastern border of the GTA where I love my shih-tzu, beach glass collecting, succulents, dining out and travelling.  I write narrative posts about "stuff" that I find interesting. For the most part, I fit messages in strategically here and there for a natural flow and to direct readers to a target. As you will see on my site, there are all manner of topics included. Why write yourself into a corner when there’s…

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