A Break in the Chaos

It’s that time of the year when it seems like everyone is going in different directions. Talk about chaos. Especially today. My daughter had 3 Christmas concerts to perform in. Two were during school so I picked her up when the bell rang and took her out for a break to our favourite coffee shop. 

Things have been very different this Christmas with my son living away in residence for the first time in another city. Our usual traditions of getting the tree up and decorating the house felt different. I’ve certainly noticed a difference and I know my daughter has too.

She has dealt with this change very well. She misses him of course, and is very considerate about making sure to help out in the areas he used to be so involved in. Things like giving the dogs some extra special attention and making a point of keeping us involved in her schedule – unlike most 16 year olds. She’s also been very money conscious since she knows finances are pretty tight for us right now.


My Gratitude

To thank her I decided to get us a special treat – something we could pick out together, and an affordable alternative to the mall. We love clothes and it’s been so long since we indulged.

We found out about this online store called Style Crush. It’s a Canadian owned, online clothing store that buys and sells quality new and gently used clothing. They ship across Canada and the US with flat rate shipping fees.

The clothing items on their site are funky, stylish, in excellent condition and there’s lots of variety.

We spent days going back and forth trying to decide what we’d get. I even enlisted some friends help on Facebook when I was trying to decide between the two jackets. We fell in love with them both!

The Plan

Our goal was simple – to find an outfit for each of us that we’d be comfortable in, for $100. As challenging as I thought it would be, it turned out to be very simple. In fact, we ended up with both jackets, a Lug purse in perfect condition, and my daughter ended up with two new outfits. She chose a ‘new with tags’ top, a skirt, and a dress. We scored! 

It was easy to order from Style Crush and the descriptions were very thorough. Plus actually pressed everything before it was packaged! I’m amazed because I’ve received things in the mail from big store retailers and it usually arrives wrinkled with fold marks. Our order came in wrinkle free and clean, plus the shipping was so fast I don’t think wrinkles had time to form. 

We had a great time picking out our outfits, ordering them and unpacking them when they arrived. Throughout the process the staff communicated quickly and were professional.

So today we headed to the local coffee shop to show off our new found treasures. I grabbed a few pictures because you never know when this chance will come again in the near future. Plus this kid is so cute!  

This post is sponsored and everything I’ve written about is my honest opinion.

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