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How can you call it work when it’s so much fun?

Happily married with two teens, one finishing high school, the other in university. We live on the eastern edge of the GTA. I love my shih-tzus, beach glass collecting, succulents, dining out and travelling. 

I write narrative posts about “stuff” that I find interesting. For the most part, I fit messages in strategically here and there for a natural flow and to direct readers to a target. As you will see on my site, there are all manner of topics included. Why write yourself into a corner when there’s a whole world out there waiting to have some fun with you? Images are very important to me as part of the story and I put as many into the post and social media as I can fit to drive attention to the brands I represent.

Mazey puppy face

It’s easy to see how certain images can appeal to readers when they are this cute.

I’ve worked with fantastic companies, organizations and agencies providing:

  • Sponsored blog posts for: 
    • services, travel destinations and events
    • product reviews

For some eclectic examples of terrific, awesome, amazing and highly promotable posts I’ve done previously, have a look here:

Burlington Tourism




Couple’s Resort Muskoka

Ontario Ministry of Health


Plus I have an ongoing series about having a student away at Queens University with many sponsors including hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants:

Kingston Accommodations Committee

Fort Henry

Please feel free to look around to see if we are a good fit. If you think you have something interesting to share, drop me a line! I’d love to hear more about it. I can be reached at, or any of the social media links you see around here.

Plus, as my special offer to you, I will happily make recommendations for other bloggers if you are still looking for that perfect fit.

Have an eclectic day!

Pumpkin and ladybug -

Love the colours in this image.

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