My web log contains miscellaneous thoughts, opinions and memories that all miraculously knit together. My blog is based on the premise of “Tales from my couch for my littles.” It’s not particularly preachy. As a family we have been through so much and I have many experiences to draw from for blog material. You know what they say – “If you can’t be a good example, be a horrible warning.”

It wasn’t until I attended a social media conference last fall that I was finally able to pin down what my driving force, my “passion” is – my kids. No surprise to anyone who knows me but like the air, I wasn’t aware of how much a part of me this passion represented. They are everything to me. ( I even told them once I love them more than chocolate – as if that isn’t proof enough. ) 

From birth, I immersed Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the world of fantasy so they would understand ‘potential’, while maintaining honesty and frankness about the real world we live in. ( The Santa Lie ) A well developed imagination muscle is one of the most important ingredients in a well rounded individual.


I’ve always encouraged them to consider many options and outcomes when making decisions ranging from the critical to the mundane. From what to watch at our Friday night family movie night to where to go to university. ( Choosing Your Next Step )

I feel like I am often asked for advice – probably because my kids ARE AWESOME. ( Plus I’ve never been afraid to use the real words for body parts. ) Ask me anything. Pretty sure I’ll have an opinion. ( The Great Debate ) I’ve always believed that I don’t have to have all the answers but I do have to know how to get them. ( About Me )  

I like my kids. Being around them is something I thoroughly enjoy. I find them to be amusing, thoughtful and interesting. Want to know why my husband and I wanted to have kids? Purely selfish reasons – so that we’d have others around who would ‘get’ our sense of humour. My kids are so funny and they’ve inherited their dad’s magnificent comedic timing. ( Leaf Fan. ) 

I’m dreading this fall when ‘Thing 1” will go off to Queen’s University. “Thing 2” is a couple years behind. (Commence sobbing.) On the bright side, I will then have much more time to reflect on their greatness.  


I’m not one of those parents who dislikes being with their kids and I feel like I’m one of the very few #teensRawesome advocates in this world. ( How to be a Super Hero ) We have many opportunities to study the teen ‘creature’ with all the ‘occasional’ sons and daughters hanging around here and consider ourselves quite knowledgeable on the topic. Their friends know us too. ( Embarrassing my children is another free service I offer. )

I’d like to take credit for Paul and I creating two of the greatest people we know. But that wouldn’t be fair. These guys have worked their asses off to develop a foundation that has made them the people they are today. They have humour, empathy, an understanding of responsibility, kindness and above all integrity. That’s all their fault – they are who they are and they deserve to take full credit for it. 

I will tell you however, that I consider these two to be my greatest works of art. And if you haven’t guessed – I am so very, very proud of them.

Life is short. Motherhood is shorter. You have to throw your arms around time as tight as you can and squeeze so hard that there is no doubt you are there… and then release.

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