Play Ball!

Recently we celebrated a family birthday with Thing 1. The nice thing about birthdays in the summer in our part of the world is that you can enjoy them outside. On this particular day, the birthday boy opted to have a baseball / pool / bbq party. We served baseball style food, drinks and snacks. I was surprised that 17 & 18 year olds would be happy with this sort of party but they seemed delighted.

Birthday Cake

This beautiful cake struggled in the humidity. It was still very delicious!

The day was kind enough to give us perfect weather and we held it at a local park in Orono, Ontario. I’ve mentioned Orono in another post – it is not too far away from us and offered all the amenities at their park that we needed.

Hubs stood in as pitcher and all the kids participated.


Even Thing 2 played. We had two full teams in all.


The Menu:

We had popcorn and freezies during the game, with lots of water. Lunch was ball park style hot dogs, potato/macaroni/coleslaw salads, chips, Doritos, fruit and veggie tray. Jones soda and a huge jug of lemonade to drink. A beautiful birthday cake made by Thing 2 and Lisa’s Cake Lollies appeared for wishing. (These lollies are little bites of cake or brownie wrapped up in coloured chocolate, sometimes sprinkled with other surprises like Skor bits or white chocolate chips. Excellent feedback from adults and kids. Perfect little snacks too. I’m totally addicted.)bball5


I have to tell you about this really neat company I’ve discovered – I was thrilled by the invitations and decorations they gave me to evaluate. All I had to do was order them on-line from a huge selection. The website was easy to understand and order on. After placing your order, an artist reviews it, customizes as desired, and sends you proofs for things like your invitations or thank you cards. They were so fast too – turn around for proofing was within a couple of days and I could have had everything delivered that fast too but I ordered way in advance so I opted for the regular delivery. Delivery was free I might add.

Everything matched. The paper was thick and of excellent quality. The order arrived in a box with signatures all over the inside of it – a nice touch that really illustrates how much pride this company takes in their products. The invitations were bound with a length of grosgrain ribbon and included a personalized note from the artist who prepared them.

A very nice company to deal with. I’d recommend them for all occasions including weddings, birthdays and Christmas. They will even print addresses on your invitations for free.

So cool - red solo party lanterns

So cool – red solo party lanterns

A baseball birthday party was perfect for our 18 year old. Good, clean fun. I think the kids enjoyed a step back into less serious moments as they all contemplate their last summers at home before heading off to university and college. A little bit of preparation made this day pretty straight forward so we could all enjoy ourselves on a beautiful day. Hopefully you will try it too!



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