Become a Bacon Believer

There are many crazy things on the internet these days. So many. Last year, Hubs and I discovered the mad talents of the Ninja powered, safety oriented and video savvy Crazy Russian Hacker. This man combines elegant speech with wildly clever demonstrations for a myriad of breathtaking and awesome life hacks. Seriously – he is one cool dude and I admire his confidence.

In an attempt to read something other than the usual health conscious bloggity-blog that pops up at this time of the year, I decided to post about one of my favourite things – Bacon. The timing for seeing this video was perfect.

I once told Thing 1 that what goes best with bacon is more bacon. (Perhaps creating a monster in the process.)

When we saw this video, Hubs decided that this insanity would have to be tested. Immediately. And so we did. Here is our story… ( The video is at the end of this blog if you would like to see it. )

Step 1:

Finally all those underwater basket-weaving courses are coming in handy.

Like a weave, the bacon goes over, under, over, under etc until they are all done – to the size you think you need for your bread.


Put it in the oven as soon as you turn it on to 400°c for 15 minutes or until done the way you like it. It won’t splatter all over the oven surprisingly. When you cook bacon like this, the fat heats up gradually as the oven warms up. Usually when you put it in a hot frying pan, it gets hot too fast and makes a mess. 


Remember to make sure the Bacon Guardian is ready before you start process. 


Mazey the protector of bacon everywhere!

Step 2:

Get it together!


Step 3 of making you a bacon believer:

EAT! No more chasing that piece that fell out at the last minute or having to endure the dreaded “bread and tomato” only bite.This way the bacon covers every part of the bread. It is a brilliant idea.


This technique presents many opportunities for bacon swathing. You can tuck in your turkey before roasting with a bacon blanket, make muffin cup baskets, casseroles layers! Hey and let’s not forget Valentine’s Day will be here soon – bacon bikini anyone?

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