Beach Treasures


One of my favourite hobbies is treasure hunting. Be it that perfect photo image, the best sunset, a great deal at a charity shop, or the gently buffed piece of beach glass. treasures

Pretty rocks -

I love to wander along the tide lines of beaches seeking out hidden treasures. Driftwood rims my gardens and beautiful rounded stones speckle throughout the rich earth and plants.

heart rock on sandy beach

Every beach seems to be different in the stones it offers. Some have nicely rounded stones and glass, others have the jagged stuff. Colours vary too – from bright pinks, oranges, yellows and greens to monotone grey, black, and white. 

beautiful piece of glass

Up until recently rocks and stones were my thing. I trained the kids from a very young age to wander around the beach looking for pretty stones. They loved it! As a matter of fact our whole family got into it. My husband can spend hours skipping stones and the kids love to do that too. 

litte nest of treasures

My sister used to make fun of me then we decided to bring her along with us – instant addict just like that. 

I’ve recently discovered there is a whole world full of beach ( or sea ) glass enthusiasts. Search #beachglass or #seaglass on Instagram and you’ll see a wonderful range of colour and awe – beautiful pieces lovingly collected and showcased. Some people make jewellery out of it, others just keep it around on shelves or in pretty collections. Nature’s treasures.  


I have a plan for my beach glass. Well, several actually. If I can ever find some dental drill bits and a Dremel I’ll be set to go. Some of my plans involve driftwood and beach glass. Jewelery, window ornaments, wall art – so many plans! 

Then I’ll have some very cool things to post about. In the meantime, get out to your nearest beach and go hunting! treasures 

row of glass

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