Being Tall

What Being Tall Means to Me

by Thing 1

Being tall has its disadvantages, the head hitting, the inability to fit in with the crowd and the growing pains, oh God the growing pains. I have always been on the taller side of my peers. It was not until the last five years that I really shot up and in the last two that I realized that the “disadvantages” of being tall were just lessons to highlight all of its advantages.


All doors are low to some.

Walking around my home, specifically the basement, things started getting closer and closer to my head. Or I should say I got closer to those things. This happened gradually at first, my cranium inching closer to these inanimate objects, most of which were light fixtures, I didn’t notice how close I was. One day that changed fast. I was walking along in my basement, with a little spring in my step, bouncing to some music on my way to let my dog out. Enter the antagonist, it was a classic confrontation – inanimate body part versus household object – the ceiling light. In a classic ‘death from above’ fashion it rained pain on my brain. This came as a shock, this kind hearted electronic, the light in my life (and/or basement) just set the tone for the future years of my life and taught me a lesson. Over time the little things can affect you in a big way. I have carried this lesson with me ever since. Now, wherever I walk, no matter if I’ve got any growing left or not, I will duck and keep my head up. Even if I am half a foot away, better safe than sorry. This also extends to things other than inanimate (see: evil) objects such as with due dates. If you don’t keep your eye on your objective and let the little days slip by without noticing it will hurt.


We are all pretty tall but some of us are taller than others.

Another attribute of being tall is hanging out above the crowd. To any socially awkward freshman this can be a burden. When you just want to casually walk around or talk with someone you stick out like a sore thumb. Last year I found out that this could be an advantage as well! Ever since ninth grade I’ve gathered more and more friends as well as confidence. Last year I even joined my school’s school council. Whenever we were setting up, running or cleaning up events, my height has been nothing but help. When setting up events it is a lot easier to advertise them when walking around the school because my head is above the crowd or when we need to get a decoration just that much higher I am there. When the events are running it is easier to observe, communicate and direct when I can see the other people running the event and they can see me. When cleaning up, I can then take down the aforementioned high up decorations.

Lastly, growing pains. We’ve all had then and we all hate them. I have spent many a night cursing my knees and everything they stand for – such as my back. Every now and they would come back just in case I’d forgotten them. As unfortunate as growing pains are they did teach me an important lesson, no pain, no gain. If you want to attain any great height in life, including physically, it will take a fair bit of work and some pain. It also shows me that, every day that I stand proud and tall, the pain can pay off in the end.

Being tall isn’t easy, especially through puberty, but in the end it pays off with the height itself and the lessons becoming tall can teach you. Firstly it taught me to keep my head up, because the little things add up. Secondly, being tall can be really convenient (except when clothes and shoe shopping). Thirdly it will reinforce the motto of basically every sports movie ever, no pain no gain. To summarize, being tall to me is a learning experience and an advantage that has helped me in so many different parts of my life.


A really little dog makes you look even taller. Incidentally, this little dog thinks she’s the boss.


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