Bingeing Through the Heatwave


Do you remember the good old days when you had to wait until a certain time on a certain day to watch a show which was constantly interrupted by commercials? Or you’d wait for the break to rush to the bathroom, put the kids back to bed or grab a drink? Yeah – not such good old days. 

Then along came VCR’s and we could re-watch what we’d missed – or tape one show while watching another. I remember trying to find the right spot on the tape to start, having to rewind it, then accidentally taping over it. That sucked. 


I tried to explain all this to my kids recently. They just don’t get it and never will. These days their watching habits are way more convenient with Netflix. 

I’m not complaining – I love how Netflix remembers where I left off watching a show and politely asks me if I want to continue from there or start at the beginning – almost like it knows I fall asleep 10 minutes after a show starts each night. 

Then there is the bingeing. My husband has this thing where he likes to re-watch all the previous versions of a movie before we see the newest one. (Like Iron Man or Mission Impossible.) 

We also have been known to binge watch, or ‘devour’ tv shows by season. Did you ever notice some shows are just better all at once and others you like to spread out? I saw this graphic recently and agree with what it says:


In our house I’d have to add to the devouring – or bingeing list: Gilmour Girls, Wentworth, Pretty Little Liars, and Vampire Diaries. To the Savouring list I’d add: Bones, Marco Polo, Suits and any of the amazing documentary shows. 

I’ll admit too that there are some shows, strangely categorized as ‘kids’ shows that we, I mean ‘I’ enjoy as well. Including:

Who can resist the irreverent King Julien:  


And the new Voltron: 

voltron bingeing video


I’m not going to mention who else watches these shows with me. Let’s just say if it’s on and other people, (teens or adults possibly,)  are in the room – they may watch them too.

Just remember it’s important to have your supplies ready – the popcorn, licorice, drinks, chocolate… whatever floats your boat.

Are you looking for a way to avoid the worst of the summer drought we are now in? I sure am. What are your bingeing plans for the summer? 


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