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I have been looking at ton’s o blog’s ‘About Me’ pages lately and have noticed how many people started writing for therapeutic purposes. It’s really so fantastic. We write to inspire, vent, work through and help ourselves and our readers.

What a great thing the internet is. It’s a place where you can share feelings with people all across this planet. I have vented on this blog about my frustrations, exercised the demons of my childhood, cried with grief about missing loved ones, and shared my excitement and joy of my children’s successes.

Plus, if you look around you will find many, many support groups to engage with. We are not unique. There are others who have felt the way you do. It’s nice knowing you are not alone.

Have you read the book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus by John Gray? My husband and I did long ago and we found so many answers. One particular passage suggests that we don’t always need to be a Mr. Fixit. When someone is telling you a story about feeling frustrated they don’t necessarily need you to come up with a solution to fix the problem.

My husband learned this well. He of course wants to help me and come up with solutions for the things that bother me. Sometimes, I just want to express my feelings to him about something but that’s it. It feels so good that he now will just sit there and listen. And be present. And empathize.

I do it for him too. Even though I think it was a harder transition for me. I have to fight the constant urge to offer solutions, and give advice. Great training for when your kids get older too.

This is where I think our blogs come in handy. For all I know not one person will read this post. But I can choose to believe in my own mind that you are all out there rapt and fascinated, nodding your heads in understanding.

Great therapy right!



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