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As we enter this last month of the year, I am thinking about some of my accomplishments from the past 11 months. There are many including financial, career, family, creative and of course health. It wasn’t until I sat down to think about that I realized how well things have gone. I figure it is appropriate now to end the year sharing a little about how I started it – with the specific intention to improve my health.

Surprisingly it’s just little things. I move more and am more aware of my eating habits – and I have changed these habits a little bit. I have increased my healthy fats and reduced my carbs. I have educated myself about how my body works and have an understanding about my sugar addiction. I am open to more information about how different things affect my body. We are all made up of chemicals and so are “all the things” we put in it – I feel like I’m finally getting it. 

I pay attention to how my body feels and reacts when I have a certain things like sugar, what makes me feel fuller longer, what makes me hungry in 20 minutes. When I have bread I feel bloated and uncomfortable. If I start my day with my butter coffee I feel less hungry all day. 

I “released” 30 pounds between January and March and it hasn’t come back so whatever I’m doing it’s working for me.

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I haven’t gone nuts with the exercise either – my doctor told me 80% of weight loss is about what you eat. I keep an eye on things like steps walked but I don’t go nuts. I also pay attention when my body gets into a stressed state. Devices like the Bellabeat Fitness Tracker and the LEAF app help monitor your movement and can even help you “de-stress” when it notices your breathing changes. Sometimes a few deep breaths can make a world of difference.

This little bit of jewelry also keeps an eye on your monthly cycle – something that I like to be aware of as that has a huge affect on my stress level and eating habits.

I won’t try to explain what I figured out in terms of eating because 1. I am not a medical professional and 2. everyone has to sort out their own body. However, I will offer a brief look on what I discovered about myself – maybe you will be able to relate:

My body needs fuel and the easiest way for it to get fuel is from the sugars I eat – like a short cut. The extra sugar I don’t use up right away is stored as fat everywhere including my soft bits and organs. (AKA fatty liver.) My endocrinologist told me I was verging on diabetes – no wonder I was feeling crappy most of the time.

Then I learned that if I stop adding sugar to my body, it has to go looking for other sources of fuel and will go to the fat stores. (I know this isn’t rocket science but I didn’t “get it” until I “got it” if you know what I mean.)

My body loves this for breakfast

This is my favourite kind of breakfast.

I have to eat something though so by giving my body things like animal protein, seeds/nuts or vegetables (always with a fat like a dip,) I am forcing my body to take the long route. This is why I feel fuller for longer now and I don’t get the bloats anymore. I also don’t get the sudden energy crashes anymore. 

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist last week and she was very excited about my blood test results – apparently I have improved several things that usually don’t get much better. Yay me! 

This year I also started to learn more about probiotics. I mention more about this in another post here. These are the good bacteria in your gut that helps your body stay healthy. I discovered the Ultimate Flora Probiotic from Renew Life to be the one that works best for me.

I had originally discovered this solution on a trip to a smoothie shop. I said I wanted a smoothie that wouldn’t upset my already unhappy gut and the owner told me about this exact product. These are live bacteria that clean you up from the inside out. Now any time I feel off, especially after taking antibiotics for a bug like whatever I brought home from a recent trip to Mexico, it helps rebalance things. It works! 

Probiotics for my body

I have followed the advice of my doctors and spent a lot of time researching. One of the best resources I’ve found on the web is from Leanne Vogel at Healthful Pursuit. I’ve recently been gifted her book The Keto Diet and it has so many awesome recipes and information about, well, basically everything I learned about my new eating habits. It includes info on how your body works, specific issues you can address, quick snacks and energy booster recipes, to full blown keto dieting.

What to Put in your Body

And it’s about time I started figuring this all out – after all I turned 50 recently and I look forward to my next 50 being even better. 

If you are looking for a few things to try to improve your health, here is a challenge from Renew Life and Naturopathic Doctor Sara Celik to get you started: 

30 Day Challenge

I was gifted the Keto Diet book, a Bellabeats device and a bottle of my favourite Ultimate Flora Probiotics from Renew Life in exchange for sharing my story here. It is all my truth based on my own personal experiences. Cheers!

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