Honorary Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

We are honorary Gilmore Girls!

Sarcasm, humour, love – all part of the glue for mother/daughter bonding.

My daughter and I escape with Gilmore Girls. It has so many life lessons for both of us. We’ve watched this series together a few times. She tells me now that she is older she has a much better appreciation for the humour. My daughter says one of her favourite ‘comfort’ memories is watching Gilmore Girls on the couch together – just the two of us. We love ALL THE STUFF on this show.

This show has given us so many opportunities to discuss life situations including family relationships, adult romance, teen friendships, first boyfriends, personal confidence, independence, career planning, shopping, having fun, spontaneity, drinking responsibly, feminism, and communications.

In real life we like to ask WWGGD? What Would Gilmore Girls Do? These ladies have some great solutions to life situations. 

coffee and Gilmore Girls


Here are some of our favourite quotes:

“Rory… right now is the point in the horror movie where the entire audience is yelling, ‘Don’t go in there.'” 
 – Lorelai, bracing herself for a family dinner

“Did I lose?” 
“Well, you have no head, so probably.” 
“So this is what teenage boys are doing instead of watching television? Seems like a lateral move.” 
– Rory and Lane, playing the boys’ video console

“Oh, here, I almost forgot your notes.” 
“Oh, I hope they helped.” 
“They did. Some guy tried to mug me earlier and I beat him to death with them.”  
– Logan and Rory

Gilmore Girls _Square_010_RGB_V1

“It is my responsibility as your best friend to make sure you go do exciting things even when you don’t want to.”
– Sookie to Lorelai

“Not that I’m over it, but little by little it’s getting easier to pretend it’s easier, which means easier must be right around the corner.” 
– Lorelai

Would you like to be Lorelai and Rory? They have such interesting ways of dealing with things. Plus, who wouldn’t want a rich grandma, a Sookie, or a Luke in their lives? 

Best ever news? Netflix announced in January that there will be a revival show coming back as 4 90 minute mini-movies starring much of the old cast! We are SO EXCITED for this. It’s titled “A Year In The Life” and is set 8 years after the last season. I’m not sure when it’ll be released but I’m praying to the Netflix Gods that my daughter and I will be invited to the release! 

Here is a sneak peak of some images that were released from the new episodes:

property of netflix for Gilmore Girls

property of netflix for Gilmore Girls

 Can’t wait! What are some of your favourite quotes?

As a new member of the Netflix Stream Team I feel privileged to be invited to post about my personal Netflix watching experiences. 



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