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It is 10:10pm and I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to come up with my absolute last blog post of the year, (32 in a row too). The Things have taken off for fun New Year’s Eve shenanigans, Hubs is on the way home from a work day that started at 4am, and I am trying not to fall asleep.

To say things have changed over the past decades is an understatement. 9pm is the new midnight woohoo! How did I keep up with myself in the ‘before’? (Before kids that is.) It really seemed to matter.


Helena McMann, Doula

Suddenly from out of the blue, my friend, the brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious Helena McMann calls me and Wham! Inspiration hits! This lady has been in my life pretty much since we moved to this town. We met through our kids in Scouting.

Helena is an incredible photographer of all things, (including the sweetest birth images), environmentally clever, a loving and supportive mother, and most recently, a calm and thoughtful doula. I wish she’d been my birth coach – it’s almost worth firing up the old kiln again. (OK uterus, just to clarify – not going to happen.)

We were discussing our evening – I had hoped to head over to her place tonight but ‘things’ changed those plans. And by the time my Hubs gets home after working unexpectedly for 15 hours, he’d be too tired. Then again, I already took my bra off…

Please enjoy this submission from Helena – she is so very funny and hits the nail on the head with what she’s written:


Home, home is where the heart is, your safe haven, your restful bed, your comfort zone.

It is also where your wifi connects automatically, you poop most comfortably and where women get to experience the most insane sense of freedom after a long hard day by taking your bra off.

This post was inspired as a dear friend of mine Carin  and I were trying to connect on New Years’ Eve…I just about had her enticed to come for cards, drinks and some fun…when out it came…the LINE: “and besides, I already took my bra off”. END of discussion…and I was totally okay.

What’s all the fuss really? Why is this statement such a strong silent CODE amongst women EVERYWHERE!?

Because we all know the feeling…ALL OF US…teeny firm little “A- cups”, full voluptuous DD’s right through to H’s and beyond…we all have felt the “feeling”…we have all set “Our Girls” FREE.

It’s also an undeniably clear statement amongst “BFF’s” that despite how incredibly important we are to each other, how we would go to the ends of the earth for eachother…”BRA – OFF – TRUMPS  – ALL”

Girls night out? reservation down by one peeps,  “my Girls” are having a NIGHT IN .

Scored some tickets to a hot concert? forget it…track pants are on and the “Tatas” are loose.

Late night 5 km run? no sweating here ladies… “Baajongas” aren’t bouncing tonight and I’m already pouring the wine.

NOTHING says we, as women, need a break more than “I’ve TAKEN OFF MY BRA”

It’s sacred and we all know that.  Women GET IT and are all okay with it.

“I’m washing my hair”

“I have to work”

“My kids need me”

and even the sacred…”Aunt Flo has come to visit”


As women, we balance so much in life – work, family, relationships…often times there aren’t too  many things we get to call our own…often, we feel bad for admitting that we need a break – we need some time to ourselves, we NEED some R & R.

Ladies…we are all awesome, your boobs are freaking awesome…treat em well and let em rest every once and  while. Take time for yourself, use that statement wisely and with confidence, you deserve it.

So…one of many more resolutions I have for 2015…is to take my bra off more…these chachis will be free and so will my spirit – I am awesome


Helena McMann can be found at: (905) 431 2646 Clarington’s Wellness Path,  Events and Maternal Department Manager (905)623-9232 Doula, Embrace Pregnancy & Wellness.

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