Stress Relief in a Cup

Stress? Me? 

It is the time of the year I usually want to stick my head in the sand, cocoon in my house, or stay in bed. To say I find the holiday times stressful is an understatement. And they seem to be coming earlier every year – have you noticed that? Not to mention the time change and less sun during the day – it came so fast this year. If only I could nap every day around 2pm. stress

Usually I charge ahead being super human in November and December and on my first day off I crash like a dropped puppet – getting really sick just in time to enjoy my Christmas vacation. 

This year I decided to do things a bit differently and get the gift shopping done before the end of November. Hilarious right!? 

That way I can have more time for the fun stuff. It means using my time better to get my work done faster. An excellent theory anyway – I just needed to find a way to focus better to get more done in my day while not burning myself out completely.

 Butter Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee Kit

I’d heard about adding healthy fats in my coffee from someone I met in the blogging world. Dai Manuel is a dad, a lifestyle coach and an athlete and told me how it helped him get kick started every day, work out better and stay away from the afternoon drowsiness. He explains why you should ‘bullet proof’ your coffee every morning on his site here. stress

I hesitated to try it out since I’ve developed a sensitivity to caffeine in the last few years with heart palpations, a nervous feeling and trouble sleeping at night. These side effects have made it difficult to enjoy a cup even first thing in the morning.

I love coffee too and that was very disappointing for me – to be unable to have it without consequences. Especially since there are so many benefits to drinking coffee – you’ve all heard that I’m sure.
Monty and a cuppa stress relief

What’s in it?

I have looked into the details of coffee and learned that many of the beans contain mold – something I am seriously allergic to and wondered if that was the reason I am so sensitive to caffeine? It turns out the coffee Bulletproof uses is grown in Guatemala and inspected via lab testing to ensure it meets their purity standards – which means, less mold. It smells great too. 

The Brain Octane Oil comes from one of my favourite sources – coconut oil. 100% coconut oil – one of my “go to” ingredients for most things. No flavour as far as I can detect. It gives you energy from fat which lasts longer, instead of sugar and improves your cognitive abilities.

The final ingredient, the Grass-fed Ghee, is from cows who, as you can guess – eat grass. It is basically clarified, unsalted butter. It has a mild, creamy flavour and I am enjoying it as a milk substitute in my coffee.

My cup of stress relief on a snowy day
Together I think it tastes pretty good. I don’t detect anything bitter – just the flavour of creamy coffee without sugar. I don’t take sugar in my coffee anyway and I hear from sugar drinkers it isn’t too hard to get used to having it without. Usually sugar gives you energy but in this case the fats in the Brain Octane and the Ghee are what give you a boost. 

I’ve known about healthy fats being good for you for several months – since my endocrinologist told me I have metabolic syndrome. She said I have to reduce sugars and increase fats. Fats help you to feel ‘not hungry’ longer which in my case, makes it easier for me to stay away from the quick fixes for satiating my appetite.

I’m not a scientist or doctor so I can’t tell you why all that is good for you. You should speak to your doctor or healthcare professional to figure out what is best for you. This link can give you some useful information about Bulletproof Coffee.

So how was it?

Now I do find myself with more energy. I have not been getting the heart palpations or the crash after a while. I am not having trouble getting to sleep at night. I do not feel the need for a nap early afternoon – sometimes I do feel like going to bed earlier which I attribute to getting up and using so much more energy than I am used to. I have dropped 5 pounds in the short time I’ve been drinking this although I didn’t plan on that as part of my goal.

My goal was to get more done this holiday season to reduce my overall stress the closer I get to Christmas and to do that I needed more energy to keep me moving. I’m a morning person so that is my productive time. Now I am flitting around so much my dogs have even stopped shadowing my every step. (What a relief!) I’m also enjoying this coffee as a time to reflect on what I have to get done for the day.

It usually ends up being noon before I realize I haven’t stopped to take a break. I’m really happy about this. Best news? I AM DONE MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! YAY! And I still have many days left to wrap everything.  

In this video I am making my morning Bulletproof Coffee for my second day of tasting. I have only a small amount in my cup since I was waiting to see how the caffeine would make me feel. I have twice that amount now. 

Remember to take time for yourself these last few months of 2016. You need to keep yourself going for the long run and not burn out the first day you stop to relax this holiday season. That’s what I used to do – but not this year! 

Let me know if you have tried it and what you think. 

This post is sponsored and I was compensated to share my own personal and honest opinion about reducing stress, taking time for myself, and what I think of this product. 

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