I have recently become enamoured of a local business that sells decadent little bites of bliss on a stick. They are absolutely adorable mini cakes, in a ball shape, covered in icing, and made to look fancy. Lisa’s Cake Lollies is another one of Bowmanville’s best kept secrets.

I ordered some for my son’s 18th birthday party this summer and they were a HUGE hit. I’ve taken them to friend’s places for dinner and they made the other desserts look bad. At our family reunion this year someone brought some amazing gourmet cheesecakes in several flavours but they were barely touched! These cake lollies are a guaranteed hit anywhere they go.

I’m sharing this on my blog because, not only is the product fantastic, but the company’s owners do so much for the community around here. Lisa and Sean Ibanez are very generous with charities and individual distinctions. They have weekly draws on their Facebook page and based on input they receive from people, they gift people with cake lollies. I was honoured to receive one of these gifts this year when nominated for helping get our local beach cleaned up. Very unexpected and appreciated. They’ve done this since March 27, 2011.

Lisa is always friendly and smiling. If you have ever had these lovely treats you might be amazed at how cute and fancy they are. So much work for such miniature pieces of art. Some seem very simple but others are so intricate. I can’t imagine having the patience to make these. Lisa and Sean obviously love what they do as you can see in their product.

I haven’t even mentioned all the flavour options yet. My favourites are carrot cake and Jake’s Cake- Chocolate Caramel Cake covered in Milk Chocolate and Skor Pieces. Click here to see the list.

To contact Lisa you can either email: Info@LisasCakeLollies.com or check out her Facebook page here.

I’m off now to poke around in my freezer. I am pretty sure I hid a few Cake Lollies there the last time.

Have an eclectic day!


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