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5 Tips for Road Trips

It's almost the end of summer and I was looking back on all our road trips this year. It's amazing what you can fit into two months! I love getting to know places around me and enjoy the whole 'road trip' adventure - it's not only about the destination but it's also about the journey.  I was invited to write this post (Groupon has sponsored it,) and that inspired me to come up with some travelling tips.  Here are some of the things I do that make road tripping much easier: Make sure you unpack your fur babies before you leave - unless they are coming with…

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Family Bonding in Burlington

Bonding Time During Our Staycation We've had a big change this past year - our oldest child went away to university and lived in residence in another town. (Click here to see more of this.) bonding As a very close family, this adjustment was not an easy one for any of us but we survived. Now, after a year of our son being independent, we need to make another adjustment to this adult who came home to live with us for the summer. It's another big one too. I have felt a bit of distance between the three of us and my…

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Winter Adventures at Cedar Grove Lodge

It’s fun to mix things up and get away now and then. In Ontario we are lucky to have so many places to visit and staycation in. Recently I headed north for a week of R&R with some friends for winter adventures. We were invited to stay at Cedar Grove Lodge in Muskoka. I heard the agenda for the first time as we were driving up there. Our winter adventures would include snowshoeing, cross country skiing, an art gallery, dog sledding, restaurants and visits to local businesses. In this post I will be focusing on the amazing place that hosted our wild week…

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Mom’s Unplugged Invades Kingston

Girls Weekend When you are a parent working your ass off to keep your sanity in check, your kids alive, and your world moving along you tend to need to force the issue of chilling out. It's important to get away and breathe different air around different people once in a while. Recently a few friends and I decided to get away from our kids. We needed a little help justifying it so we called it work and are spreading the word about some amazing adventures you can take with your pals. Follow along with us at #MomsUnpluggedCa beginning with a trip…

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Cha-cha-cha-changes and the Green Acres Inn

I have been writing a series about my son living at university in another town. I like to explore his temporary home whenever we go to visit him either for pick ups or drop offs. It is a town our family has grown to love. The series is called #QueensUmum and it is about our adventures in Kingston, Ontario.  I would never have found this lovely place if not for the fact that my son is attending Queen's University. It's limestone buildings are rich with the history of Britain and Canada.  We've stayed in many fine hotels since the summer of 2015. Recently, my…

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Leaf’s Fan Fest

Recently we attended Fan Fest for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. This was our first time going so we weren't sure what to expect. It is an event open to anyone as long as you sign up for tickets. Every fan was allowed to get a signature of an ex-Leaf player, Al Iafraiti. When we first arrived we had to wait in a LONG LINE to get this one:  We managed to be at the end of the line but we made it. It was held in the Raptor's practice court room which was kind of interesting. The…

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Moving in day…AKA the BIG LEAP

(Here is an audio version I recorded of this blog. Feel free to listen as you read through although I have to warn you - I get a bit emotional!) Listen: [audio m4a=""] or, Read: This was the day I had been dreading for months. The day my first born - Thing 1, moved out of our home to go to school for four years. Guess what? I survived. But it has taken me two weeks to sit down and write about it. The first week I still felt too fragile. Nothing was right when I woke up in the…

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Zipping Through BC’s Prehistoric Rainforest

Wordless Wednesday I'd like to share a memory with you from a life altering experience. We were in BC for my brother's wedding and went to visit my other brother's home in Whistler. They were constructing facilities for the olympics. If you've never been zip-lining, here is a little bit of what to expect: (Click on the picture)    

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5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Part 2

More Family Fun in Burlington! Day 2 After a great sleep at the Waterfront Hotel our friendly driver Don picked us up and drove to Beach Life Forever. He was the person who got us everywhere we needed to go on our first day on this adventure too. I love having someone drive me to the airport - I will definitely call Airways Transit the next time we take a trip. Don was a great driver. Friendly and knowledgeable about the area. 3. Burlington Beach Rentals - Yoga Here are some of the other fine bloggers I was on the tour with. There…

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Time to Slam into a Brick Wall – Again

Time Have you ever looked at your crying, runny nosed, unrelenting, needing 'who knows what' baby and felt like time was standing still? Like you were stuck in an unending merry-go-round of feeding, changing, cleaning, carrying, repeat? I felt that way many times 18 years ago. Some days I thought I’d never get through it. I was miserable and my new son was an uncommunicative alien who was unreasonable and sucking the life out of me.  I’d been on the fast track with my career in a very powerful, rapidly expanding National communications company as purchasing manager. The money, benefits and four weeks vacation…

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Having a Blast!

Fort Henry Blasts You Back in Time (For the audio version click the play button below.) [audio mp3=""] Thing 1 and I were in Kingston recently to explore and attend the Queen's University orientation for new students. ( Click here to read all about it. ) It was a whirlwind trip planning for the future but we managed to spend a good chunk of our time looking back in the past. We had an amazing day of exploring Fort Henry topped off by massive explosions and fireworks - what more could you ask for? A beautiful lake view you say? Or maybe…

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Irish Memorial Monument Big Leap

Preparing for the Big Leap

As many of you may know, Thing 1 is heading off to Queen’s University this fall. #noTears! The Big Leap In order to help get him ready, we’ve decided to take a few trips to Kingston to check out the new "hood". The transition from high school to university will be shocking enough without having to worry about getting around campus, buying groceries, a shirt or finding some decent fries. I can’t do much to help once school starts - especially being as far away as we’ll be. But I can do something now to assist him in preparing for "the big leap".…

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WE Are Whatever You Want us to be

Recently, Hubs and I attended a performance at the Ontario Street Theatre with some friends in downtown Port Hope, Ontario. The special guest was Anne Marie Sheffler. She performed a sex and relationship themed act "Not Getting It". It was funny. And clever. And energetic. It travelled through some scenarios we are all familiar with from the dating scene days. Not days I miss. Along with Anne Marie was an actor by the name of John Balabik who played the parts of several boyfriends, imaginary lovers and potential husbands. It was quite amusing to see John stumbling out from behind the stage curtain…

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5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Day 1

5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Day 1 Recently I was invited to participate in a tour of Burlington, Ontario. While not paid to write this review, I was able to sample services and products from the area. It was a most enjoyable trip. Waterfront Hotel guest services notions I stayed in the Waterfront Hotel at the end of Brant Street. The view from my room was spectacular. I could see the lake right out my window. The staff was friendly and the room clean and nicely appointed. There were big fluffy pillows to sink into at the…

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Eclectic Adventures in Orono

"Main Thru Church" Antique Mall If you are looking for someplace intriguing to hang out in for a few hours, Orono may have you losing all track of time. There are so many different things to do there from parks and shops to explore to gastronomical treats that will make you want to come back again and again. On this day I checked out some really nice places including one of their antique stores. Here are some cool finds from the Main Thru Church Antique Mall: Come have a look in Orono to see what else is in stock. Many different vendors are…

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