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Chilly Cozy Time

It's that time of the year where the weather in my area turns the warm muggy days of summer into the chilly, darker days of fall. This is my favourite time of the year and not just because the kids go back to school. It's also the beginning of bath season! With both my kids living away from home for college and university I am finding I have more time to take care of myself. I am a creature of comfort and tactile pleasures - I love the feeling of clean sheets on my bed fresh from the dryer, or…

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Loving my Sockies

You know what I have noticed over the years? Everyone gets socks for Christmas. Could it be a tradition related to stockings? I have concluded that this is not only a very popular idea for gift giving but it needs to be taken to the next level. If you are serious about your sock giving intentions, you must keep reading. ( Spoiler alert - there is a discount code coming up! ) There are so many wonderful things about this company I found called It's socks... delivered to your door! Each and every one is special and unique. What a cool idea! Everyone…

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Eclecticsoapbox review of DollarShaveClub

Shaving a Buck or Fifty

Still searching for that last minute gift idea?  You can order this one online and it'll be delivered to your gift recipient every month for a year! ( Or one month - or three, or 6 - whatever you like. ) Suitable for any budget it's the gift that's useful, convenient and you'll be remembered with every delivery.  Shave a bundle off your last minute shopping with a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. It’s fun the whole family will enjoy receiving over and over again. Why it's included in the Gifts Students Won't Hate List... because my son…

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Eclectic Review of Jamberry StyleBox Nail Wraps

Is there someone on your list who loves to get their nails done but is short on time and money? Sounds exactly like the students I know. In researching ideas for my "Last Minute Gift Ideas Students Won't Actually Hate" Gift Guide, StyleBox by Jamberry was suggested. This is a monthly subscription service available for 3 or 6 months delivering two sets of nail wraps and other goodies each time, ( cost between $30 and $32 per month ). Each set of nail wraps are able to do your finger nails 2-4 times each, depending on the size. Way less than the $35…

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Eclectic Review of Scent Trunk

Part of the "Last Minute Gift Ideas Students Won't Actually Hate" guide If the male or female on your gift list loves to smell good, this is the box for them. It's a fabulous concept and I am in love with it. Scent Trunk is a Canadian company operated out of Kingston, Ontario. "Scent has the power to change our mood. It can make us feel relaxed, invigorated, or happy." In the box: This is what your gift recipient will receive - After you set up an account online you will receive a gift card to give to them. They will then create…

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last minute gift ideas eclecticsoapbox

Last Minute Gift Ideas Students Won’t Actually Hate

How do you feel about giving those "hard to shop for" young adults in your life cash for every Christmas? Are you a last minute shopper? Do you need some new ideas? Well have I got a great list for you! I have three young adults in my life and I always feel so disappointed when it's time to cross them off the list and all they ask me for is money. Sure it's the most convenient and quickest thing to wrap but come on - it's such a cop out. It makes me feel like I don't know them well enough…

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Multi-Function Jump Starter Product Review

The Scoop I’ve just received this little nifty Multi-Function Charger from 1byone. It’s a car battery charger plus it can charge my phone too! It can charge any electronics with a usb cable.  I'm sure you can imagine how much time I spend on my electronics every day. Plus I have the two teens and a hubs that also love portable electronics. This device has become very popular in the house and in the car. I was nervous about using it at first but the cool part is that it has all sorts of protectors built in so it can’t fry…

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KCups Guilt

K-Cups Guilt #RecycleYourPods

Coffee-topia and the K-Cups Dilemma Last year I received a Keurig machine to review. I was of course impressed with the freshness of each cup, the perfect water temperature, the variety of flavours available to me. The teens in my family love it too. So convenient and unique to each individual. k-cups But what really concerned me was the waste. So much for such little things! Apparently now, there are so many k-cups from just Keurig machines in landfills that if you stacked them up, they would reach around the world ten times! This is nuts! My municipality doesn't recycle them.…

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