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6 Reasons Why

This April we were introduced to a new show on Netflix that has stirred many passionate responses from people across the country. We have heard of youth facilities that have actually banned this show from their lineup concerned about how it will be perceived by youth. This response surprises myself, my husband who works with youth and my daughter who is an 18 year old teen. She was actually motivated to write this post to share her thoughts on why she thinks we should all watch 13 Reasons Why, get into it on a personal level, and talk.  My reasons why we should all…

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Lunch Adventures

Welcome back to my friend and guest poster Nan Kulset. I had no idea such a pretty area existed in downtown Oshawa. Some interesting twists happen on this lunch break. I wonder where you'd end up if it was for an hour. Thanks for sharing Nan!   Having a Slice of Life on a Sunny Day in Oshawa It was raining on and off all weekend. My body was craving some sunshine today. Being stuck inside all morning pushing paper, pushing a keyboard and people pushing my buttons finally pushed me over the edge. Taking matters into my own hands, I…

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Being Tall

What Being Tall Means to Me by Thing 1 Being tall has its disadvantages, the head hitting, the inability to fit in with the crowd and the growing pains, oh God the growing pains. I have always been on the taller side of my peers. It was not until the last five years that I really shot up and in the last two that I realized that the “disadvantages” of being tall were just lessons to highlight all of its advantages. All doors are low to some. Walking around my home, specifically the basement, things started getting closer and closer…

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Colourful DIY Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Thank you Carin for having us back as a Guest Blogger! Hope everyone has been having a great summer! Today we wanted share this DIY plant stand mini-project. We wanted to do it earlier this summer but life/work has been go go go! Outdated hunter green plant standWe saved this plant stand from a friend’s curbside a while back. As you can see, it was a 1990’s hunter green, a little dirty, and a little rusty but otherwise in great shape. So we knew we could breathe it back to life again. The notion of “reduce, reuse and recycle” of…

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Tattoo Fan

My friend Bev has shared one of her stories here before. Bev works in retail and meets all sorts of people. Today she ponders the self-art of tattoos. I had a young lady at my cash the other day and she had multiple tattoos everywhere. I would say she was about 17 years of age. I LOVE TATOOS! So I was very interested in all of hers. I asked if her tattoos had a special meaning for her. She said some of them do and some don't. I looked at them and made some comments about how beautiful the artwork was. I also…

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A History of Residency

Welcome to my friend and guest poster Nan Kulset. Glad to have your reflections posted here! This is something I wouldn't have thought of myself but now that you mention it... A History of Residency 1966 – 2015 As a Student Finance Advisor, I meet with a lot of eager students who are hoping to tap into our fine country’s public financial reserves with the end goal of making their way in life. Every province in Canada has a different name for government student funding. In Ontario, it’s known as OSAP. The funding tool is helpful to students with financial need…

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Master Bedroom … bold attraction

Bold Indeed! Guest Blogger:  Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski I know it's been a while ... but as promised I'm back with the final instalment of my Interior Design client's Master Bedroom. Our clients embraced the idea of having an accent wall in their bedroom so we went with Benjamin Moore's Watermelon Red to invoke a bold yet passionate statement as you step into their bedroom. Their surrounding walls are Benjamin Moore's White Cloud; a nice peaceful balance for them to unwind in at the end of a long day's work. Family Photos hang over their bed We found a large horizontal frame with geometric prints…

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The Lost Art of the Greeting Card

I have a very talented friend contributing today - Sheri Ballantyne. We met many moons ago when she first began building her scrapbooking business with Close To My Heart. Sheri ruined store bought cards for me forever after I went to one of her Christmas card seminars. She's one of the most positive people I know and I'm so glad we met. The Lost Art of the Greeting Card When was the last time you received something happy in the mail? In this age of instant gratification, electronic communication and always being on the go, greeting cards … especially handmade…

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Kickboxing My Way To Sanity

Here's a little known fact - I do have friends who are sane - at least by my method of measurement. Sanity is a precious asset and we need to do our best maintain it. Life can suck and be really hard to be a part of sometimes but we go on. We find coping mechanisms like what Jennifer Weymark-Fox encountered during some very dark days. Have a look at the inspiring journey she describes as this week's special guest blogger: Kickboxing My Way To Sanity Okay, the title might be overstating it because whether or not I am sane is probably still up for…

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A Luxurious Bathroom to Indulge In

Guest Blogger Rosita Carobelli It’s Friday! And it’s been a busy month, folks… between a busy work schedule, March Break and a sick household, I’ll be happy when March is over. Today I want to share with you the luxurious bathroom I decorated for my clients. A small place full of stylish details! My clients chose the sparkling granite countertop to complement their milky 'blueish-greyish, purplish' choice for their cabinets. The colour chosen was Benjamin Moore’s Yukon Sky, part of the Designer Classic Collection. I wanted to play on the purple in terms of accents alongside soft grey and yellow touches.  A purple bathmat, pretty…

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Cozy Up and Unwind

By Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Creative Design Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest "Whatever your Marketing need, count on us to put it All in Place!" Hi everyone … as promised, I’m back with my client project’s Living Room unveil.  As I had mentioned before, my clients bought a home that was outdated and in need of some tender loving care.  Below is what it looked like while it was listed on the market. This is what it looks like now!  A modern yet cozy living room look and feel! My clients wanted an inviting…

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Interior Design Adventure IDS2015

Our adventure to IDS2015 Toronto! By Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Creative Design Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest "Whatever your Marketing need, count on us to put it All in Place!" Saturday January 24th, I went to the Interior Design Show 2015 (IDS2015) with a girlfriend. Let me tell you, I was SOOOOO EXCITED to go! Because it was my very first time … and because we were supposed to go last year but there was a huge snow storm that prevented me from doing so. There was so many booths from furniture retailers and…

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Newly-renovated Kitchen and Dining Room – fresh, stylish and sleek

Kitchen WOW!

Rosita is back to share some of her latest decorating adventures.   I’m back! Thank you Carin for welcoming me as a guest blog contributor once again. I had an amazing opportunity in 2014 to work on a complete home renovation with clients moving from Toronto to Burlington. They wanted a bigger backyard and slower life pace for their twin girls and themselves. So they bought a bungalow that was still decorated circa 1970s. It needed a complete makeover! Kitchen layout as it was before Before: Separate Kitchen Area Before: A wall separated the Dining Room from the Kitchen Area…

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The Shoe Tree

A very good friend, talented photojournalist and inspiring web designer, Yvonne Berg has a crisp, clean approach to design - have a look at her work here and prepare to be amazed. Thanks for sharing this story with us Yvonne. The Shoe Tree I have passed by this tree dozens of times: with my daughter on our way to Wonderland, on assignment for newspapers, or driving down the country road looking for a way past highway congestion. I finally put aside some time to grab my camera and stop to capture this incredible sight. Not such an easy feat (or, should it be feet?)…

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Bras off!

It is 10:10pm and I've been sitting here for hours trying to come up with my absolute last blog post of the year, (32 in a row too). The Things have taken off for fun New Year's Eve shenanigans, Hubs is on the way home from a work day that started at 4am, and I am trying not to fall asleep. To say things have changed over the past decades is an understatement. 9pm is the new midnight woohoo! How did I keep up with myself in the 'before'? (Before kids that is.) It really seemed to matter. Helena McMann,…

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