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Early Memories

A long time ago - the beginning of time for me anyway, I met an amazing and powerful woman with crazy ideas that filled my head with ways of thinking outside of the box. She had a different way of seeing things that some might call brilliant, odd or creative but I prefer to think of as eclectic. mum Most people call her Lynn, Counsellor Silverton, or if they are really brave, Evelyn. I prefer to call her Mum.  My mum has been many things in her life including an artist, nurse, airline stewardess, x-ray technician, legal secretary, office manager,…

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reasons show

6 Reasons Why

This April we were introduced to a new show on Netflix that has stirred many passionate responses from people across the country. We have heard of youth facilities that have actually banned this show from their lineup concerned about how it will be perceived by youth. This response surprises myself, my husband who works with youth and my daughter who is an 18 year old teen. She was actually motivated to write this post to share her thoughts on why she thinks we should all watch 13 Reasons Why, get into it on a personal level, and talk.  My reasons why we should all…

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Retro Memories

I was just thinking about how when I was a kid, we used a phone that was chunky, had a dial, and was permanently attached to a wall in my house. If it rang, you had to get to it before it stopped and you stood there while talking. A couple of years ago I took my kids to an antique shop in Orono, Ontario and they found a yellow rotary dial phone. They asked me, full of the innocence of childhood, how to use it. I told them the tricky part was getting the numbers right because if you…

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I've just had the pleasure of watching an auditorium full of high school kids turn into Agents of Change. These future leaders came together with their teachers and school administration to donate a couple of dollars each for the pleasure of watching a movie together. Each kid in that audience learned that there are more than 36,000 kids in their region who rely on nutrition programs to eat at school or in community centres daily. toonies4tummies In this post I'm going to give you the chance to donate to this program online three times. This is the first time - click…

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Social Media and Self Esteem

Welcome Guest Poster Emma Harris! Emma and classmates have been working hard on raising awareness for causes affecting not just teens but people of all ages and demographics. These kids mean serious business and have created videos, Twitter campaigns, Instagram galleries and promotional materials to get the word out. I'm very proud and will now step aside... For years now society has been aware of the unrealistic standards set by magazines, movies and fashion shows. There have been women strutting around in close to no clothing, men photoshopped to perfection, and diet pills and gym memberships advertised for even the…

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Only 4 Gifts for Christmas?

These Crazy Days of Christmas Giving Do you ever feel like Christmas gift giving is going over the top? For me it got to the point where I felt like I was buying and buying and buying but it was not satisfying. It felt hollow to just pile on another present that is nice but not really necessary.  Plus, how many gifts do your kids really use after they open them anyway? My son has a bunch of things in a bag from 2 years ago that he hasn't even gone through since he unwrapped them and took them up to his room. …

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Christmas Memories

Do you remember when you believed in Santa? My bedroom was at the end of the hall directly down from the living room. I remember waking up Christmas Eve after everyone had gone to sleep to hear some rustling noises in the living room - it was quite the 'a clatter'. There was a faint glow coming under my door too. I held my breath and could hear clunky sounds from up on the roof that must have been the reindeer hooves. I was so scared Santa would find out I was awake and then I wouldn't be able to have…

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The Crown Feature Image

The Crown Cometh

There are so many great shows on Netflix these days I feel like I can't keep up. Especially during the busy times like, well, now. I'm definitely setting time aside for this one coming up November 4th - The Crown. I was fortunate to be able to attend a premiere of the first two episodes and had the chance to ask two of the stars from the show questions. Jared Harris plays King George the VI and Vanessa Kirby plays Princess Margaret.  They were kind enough to answer questions about getting into character, the amazing sets and costumes, and how their perceptions of…

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Insta September

Insta Good September feels like the beginning of things. For most of my life it meant the start of school and it continues to be for the kids. It's a weird time of year with the weather not behaving in a 'traditional' manner and being so hot these days, it makes it feel more like summer than autumn.  I posted my daily flowers again in September and it seems the yellow flower pictures continue to be the most popular ones. Two out of the top three were sunflower images.  Here are the top 5 based on post likes and what I like…

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Sweet Enough

I recently found out I have metabolic syndrome and was told to dramatically reduce the carbohydrates I take in. My understanding is that it means I have taken in so much sugar for so long that my body is sort of immune to it now. sweet Considering I am basically a sugar addict I'm finding this challenging.  The good news is that while cutting back on carbs, I actually have to increase protein and fat content. (I'm allowed because my cholesterol levels are great otherwise I don't know what I'd do.) The protein and fat makes me feel fuller longer.  I've always had…

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tow truck

Tow Truck Adventures

Stories from the Tow Away zone... This summer both kids were licensed, working full weeks at their jobs and were on different shifts. My husband and I were both working too. Between juggling taxiing and letting them take the cars, things became quite complicated. Maybe that is what led to the ultimate demise of our BOTH our cars this summer, or maybe it was a coincidence. That will remain a mystery...  In any event, I was involved with a tow truck on three different occasions this summer - all within five weeks.   The first time ...was because my husband's ignition stopped…

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Packing Challenge

Today is another bittersweet day at our house. My son is up in his room contemplating packing for his second year at university where he will be living in a rental house with a bunch of friends. Last year we had many trips to the stores to stock up with everything he needs but this year, the challenge is getting him to pack. Being more independent now he doesn't want help. The thing is he hasn't started this process yet. Tomorrow is the day we fill up the van for the early morning move the next day into a rental house two hours…

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Kick It

Here's a little known fact - I do have friends who are sane - at least by my method of measurement. Sanity is a precious asset and we need to do our best maintain it. Life can suck and be really hard to be a part of sometimes but we go on. We find coping mechanisms like what Jennifer Weymark-Fox encountered during some very dark days. Have a look at the inspiring journey she describes as this week's special guest blogger: Kickboxing My Way To Sanity Okay, the title might be overstating it because whether or not I am sane is probably still up for…

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A Fresh New Day

A little while ago I was asked to share my family’s experiences dealing with enuresis - the bed wetting condition that most commonly occurs at night. ( Click here to see the first post. ) In that post I mentioned that it was a condition that affects way more kids than is commonly known, approximately 1 in 6. I found a great site full of information about bedwetting that helped answer all my questions: GoodNites Bedwetting Education. Since then many people have discussed this condition with me. I have been thanked more for publishing that post than any other I have…

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Dressing Like the Cool Kids

I've been at a loss lately about what to wear. Nothing feels right. I hurt my back a couple months again and fell into the yoga pants habit for comfort. Then the excuses were: it's only shopping, walking the dogs, driving the kid to school, visiting friends for coffee etc. It's really snowballed lately.  A couple weeks ago I was invited to an influencer event with people who engage the public via social media. Since the location was Forest Hill in Toronto I was pretty sure yoga pants wouldn't be ok to wear. So I went to the closet and made some…

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