As couples go, we all make sacrifices for the other person. It can be offering the last piece of cake, the larger portion of the bed, or watching with them as the same struggling hockey team loses once again. We do things for the other person that we don’t really want to because we love them. cheating

Then there are the TV show commitments – in the ‘olden days’ you had to wait to watch a show weekly and record it if someone couldn’t be there at that time or get the show when it came out a year later on DVD or video. In terms of commitments to watch a show together you couldn’t stray too far. And if you did it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

Then along comes Netflix… Now we can’t start watching a series together without finishing it together – with a partner who works random shifts this really messes up my bingeing preferences. Plus I am alone many nights, so there’s that. 


I almost cringe at the thought of hearing about a great new show coming out that I’ll have to WAIT to see ‘together’. Sometimes I take a peek at the first episode or two for quality control. 


Santa Clarita Diet is one of the shows we like to watch together. We love the back and forth between the husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore). They have been married for a long time like my husband and I and they are working out some new things in Sheila’s diet. It is a shockingly graphic show in terms of gore factor but we feel we can relate to the relationship truths that are being exposed. The good, the bad and the ugly. For example my husband embraces my love for trying new things and if I decided I wanted to become vegan he would support me. He might not join me but he would definitely support my lifestyle changes. (Although I’m not sure he’d kill people for me!) cheating

Joel is also supportive of his wife’s lifestyle changes and his attempts to stay upbeat are what fuels much of the laughs coming from our house. We love his optimism.

Juicy Red Blender Drink

We were inspired by the frequent blender scenes on the show and made our own special Santa Clarita Diet Drink – it’s SO DELISH! It is also red and goopy stuff in it! In our special drink – it’s a cup of strawberries, a squirt of lemon or lime, a half cup of ice, and a shot of rum. If you can find it – a frozen strawberry fruit bar takes the place of the icecubes tastes even better. Blend it up and pretend you are drinking some bad guy’s guts!


Glass of red juicy nummie nums!

One warning I have to give you is not to watch this show while you are eating. And remember – if any show is so good that you want to cheat on your partner to watch it without them, then it’s OK to watch it again with them!

I am an ambassador for Netflix which means I promote things they do that I like. Everything I write about is my honest opinion. #StreamTeam #partner #ad


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