It is exactly 2.5 weeks away from Christmas. This past weekend, my fiance and I went and picked out our Christmas tree, a tradition that has been in my family for more than 50 years. Since I’ve been around in my 28 years, every Christmas our whole family gets together (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) and we meet at the Christmas tree farm. Each family picks out a tree and then we all meet for brunch afterwards before we take them home to decorate.

As years go by, families change. We have lost some family members and gained some. The past few years as the kids grow into their 20’s, the group has gotten smaller but the tradition continues.

Before and after the blingbling.

Before and after the blingbling.

This year it was me, my fiance, my aunt & uncle and one of my cousins. We met at our fave Christmas tree farm and ended up finding 2 perfect trees right beside each other. We decided they were family and it wasn’t fair to take only one and not the other. My fiance and I took one and my Aunt & Uncle took the other.

There’s something special about getting down to the ground and cutting down a tree yourself that makes it that much more special. The fresh pine scent, the twine the tree is wrapped in, even the struggle to tie it to the car, but when you get that tree home and in it’s tree stand, there’s nothing better. After letting it settle for a couple of hours and cleaning up the pine needles that come along with it, we make some hot chocolate with the finest of marshmallows and we sit down together and decorate our tree.

Amanda's favourite ornaments.

Amanda’s favourite ornaments.

This year I decided to take some pictures of some of the family Christmas ornaments we have acquired so far in our time together. One each for our dogs as they have come into our little family, 2 new home ornaments and an engagement ornament.

As pretty as the sparkly coloured balls and snowflakes look on our tree, the family ornaments are my favourite because they’re not just ornaments, they’re memories. And I can’t wait to see what ornaments next year brings!


– Thanks Amanda B. We are very grateful for your personal contribution.

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