Crazy Coconut Oil Cures

For years I’ve been battling with my dog’s stinky ears. Mazey is a ShihTzu and seems to be prone to ear infections. We have tried every kind of over the counter and prescription drops, creams, ointments, sprays and washes available for the last 7 years.

Dogs usually contract ear infections because of yeast or bacteria in the ear canal. Ear mites, foreign bodies or excessive ear wax can lead to infection. Symptoms include constant scratching, head shaking, foul odour and/or a discharge.

For Mazey it’s the smell. Horrible.

Monty and Mazey dress up like flowers.

Don’t they look like sweet smelling flowers?

Last week a friend told me she’d had a similar problem with her Cocker Spaniels. She ended up putting coconut oil in their ears and after 3 days it cleared up completely.

So last Monday I tried it.

It’s a bit tricky because coconut oil comes in a waxy solid form but melts pretty much as soon as you touch it. I put some on a spoon, pinched a chunk of it with my fingers and put it in her ear right away. Then I closed her ear and massaged it in. She loved that of course.

I repeated on the other side and put what was left on the spoon in with her food. ( It’s so good for them! Plus I wanted her to get used to the smell. )

What a nice change from the many different and horrible smells of the medicines we’ve used.

On Tuesday I did it again and the smell had noticeably decreased.

By Wednesday the bad smells and itching were gone. That was only TWO DAYS people!


Chalk it down to another miracle cure brought to you by the makers of coconuts everywhere. Thank you palm trees!

I’ll put it in her ears every week or so from now on just for maintenance. The next place I want to try it is on her paws. Another stinky thing these guys can get is called “Frito Feet” because their paws smell like corn chips when they have excess yeast. Lovely right?

If you want to try this get coconut oil that is cold pressed and organic. Cook with it, put it in your food, swish it in your mouth in the mornings and rub it on your skin. There are so many incredible uses for coconut oil. One day I’ll list some other cures I’ve found for this amazing and natural substance.

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