There are so many great shows on Netflix these days I feel like I can’t keep up. Especially during the busy times like, well, now. I’m definitely setting time aside for this one coming up November 4th – The Crown.

I was fortunate to be able to attend a premiere of the first two episodes and had the chance to ask two of the stars from the show questions. Jared Harris plays King George the VI and Vanessa Kirby plays Princess Margaret. 

the crown interview

They were kind enough to answer questions about getting into character, the amazing sets and costumes, and how their perceptions of these real life people have changed. 

the crown wedding

To get into character Vanessa said she read everything she could find, listened to traditional music and watched recordings of the Royals.

I asked what kind of reaction they’ve had to The Crown from the Royal family itself and this is what they said: 

Peter Morgan, creator of this series as well as the movie The Queen, (starring Helen Mirren,) takes us on a journey to see the private side of this intensely public family.

Claire Foy represents Queen Elizabeth in this television series and she is remarkable. She communicates so much with her face when ironically, she is playing a woman known to be one of the most mysterious in the world.

It’s quite sad really when you think about how Queen Elizabeth loses her father suddenly at the age of 25 and has to surrender her private life in order to become the Queen. What an incredible responsibility. She barely had time to begin her marriage and have her children when she was forced to take the throne. 

The Crown crowing the Queen scene

Claire Foy does an excellent job portraying the mix of strength and determination of our Queen.

The role of Princess Margaret is the opposite of the Queen’s role as she seems to be a free spirit with very few similarities to her sister Elizabeth. In terms of wardrobe, Princess Margaret’s outfits are fun, fashionable and trendsetting. Vanessa said Claire was quite jealous of some of her outfits as the Queen’s wardrobe was staid and demure in comparison. 

The Crown and Princess Margaret

Vanessa told us the clothes for this series were meticulously created with no detail spared.

As Netflix’s second most expensive series at $100,000,000, you can be sure The Crown will dazzle you with the sets, the costumes, and the details taking you authentically back to a point in history where the world’s most famous monarchy faced a new era. 

Even with the history books and internet being full of spoilers from real life, I found The Crown to be gripping, suspenseful and more emotionally provoking than I would have believed possible.

I can’t wait to see my favourite scene again in the second episode where Queen Mary writes a letter to the soon to be Queen Elizabeth schooling her on the transformation she must now make. It was so powerful and represented such a huge moment in this series. It was incredibly well written into this one scene that was so pivotal to not only the show, but history as well. 

And I haven’t even told you about two other leading men in The Crown! Matt Smith as Prince Phillip and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill! I was blown away by their performances. I could write a whole other post on John’s performance alone.

November 4th can’t get here fast enough for me! 

The Crown and Winston Churchill

John Lithgow, funny man, transcends his typical role. 

Have you seen the trailer yet? Have a look: 

I am so grateful to be a part of the Netflix #Streamteam. While not paid for this post, I am compensated in other ways like being able to attend The Crown premiere. Everything I write about is my own opinion. 

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