Decisions, Decisions…


Have you had one of those nights, or days, when you couldn’t decide what to watch? Sometimes we want sci-fi, or comedy, other times something educational. I like that about Netflix – they separate shows and movies into categories to help us decide. We want to make sure that the rare moments we get to sit down together and enjoy some tube time are satisfying, entertaining and useful.

I find when I have had a particularly adventurous day and am especially pooched by the end of it that science fiction or adventure is what I look for. I like disappearing into someone else’s life for a little while. Sometimes my recipes need a little pick me up – if the kids are away I like to try new things. Or if my husband has had some serious stuff going on at his work, he enjoys a good rom/com believe it or not. 

For both of us it’s usually about shutting off the brain and surrendering ourselves to imagination and fantasy. The letting go is the key here. Having so many great choices doesn’t make it easy for me some days – do you know what I mean? It’s even harder if there are other people involved in the decision making process. Sometimes we do not agree and a little convincing is necessary – this is where I will share with you a secret weapon… 

Netflix has created some interesting flowcharts to help us. Check out this one for when you want to fantasize about having your own personal chef, or are in the mood to learn a new recipe but your other half isn’t interested, (maybe this will make them feel inspired to cook for you – or is that just my fantasy?):

Then the time that your daughter isn’t really that keen to watch “another Star Wars movie” but you are very desperate to watch Rogue One for the 11ty billionth time – just because JYN ROCKS IT! 

And finally, for when your very active nephews or nieces come over and you think they need to have some quiet time with the tube while you recover over a coffee for a few minutes but they’d rather keep chasing the dogs around the house for another hour…

Good luck convincing others with these charts and make sure you use them responsibly. 🙂 Have a great summer!

I am an Ambassador for Netflix. While I do not get paid for this I do receive free Netflix, advanced screening of some shows, and the occasional gift. All opinions are my own. 

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