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Eclecticsoapbox review of DollarShaveClub

Still searching for that last minute gift idea? 

You can order this one online and it’ll be delivered to your gift recipient every month for a year! ( Or one month – or three, or 6 – whatever you like. ) Suitable for any budget it’s the gift that’s useful, convenient and you’ll be remembered with every delivery. 

Shave a bundle off your last minute shopping with a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. It’s fun the whole family will enjoy receiving over and over again.

Why it’s included in the Gifts Students Won’t Hate List…

…is because my son is living away at school, on campus and he pays a small fortune for blades at the campus store. He has very little time to go shopping off campus and tells me this is the thing he needs most when I send him care packs. I want him to look well groomed and not have to worry about the expense and time he will spend trying to find new razors. Plus, he doesn’t need any more excuses to skip shaving! The best part about this subscription – you can’t beat the price.

[tweetthis]It’s delivered to your door every month for a FRACTION of what we have to pay in a store. It is a no-brainer. [/tweetthis]

There’s a package suitable for everyone:

Baby Bear can enjoy the two blade cartridges ($3.50 per month including Shipping and Handling): (This is actually the set I use.)


Mama Bear will love the four blade package, ($6.50 per month including Shipping and Handling):


and Papa Bear can finally let go of all that prickly stubble with the six blade and attached trimmer, ($9.50 per month including Shipping and Handling): 


These images show what will be delivered every month. ( For more technical information about the blades, have a look here. )

A handle comes with the first delivery, followed by cartridges only – unless you change the type of cartridge for your order of course. Much less impact on the environment.

To try it out my willing guinea pig is a man who can justify shaving twice a day. In fact, during Movember, he shaves after the first week is over to give the other guys a fair head start. He’s a very experienced shaver! In this video he sees the packages for the first time and is using the 4 blade cartridges. This is how fast you can shave with these blades: 

OK this isn’t really as fast as you can go but it’s much faster than usual according to him. Plus he said you only have to go over each area once but he didn’t believe it so he went over his face twice. We normally pay $60 for a 16 pack of his usual  blade razors at Costco. These ones are $6.50. So 16 would work out to $26. BIG SAVINGS!

This is what he thought:

Final Word:

I was given a pack of each type of razor package to evaluate. All opinions are my own and we have become customers since we really REALLY believe in this company. And they are very funny. Check out the videos on their website for a laugh. 

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Dollar Shave Club


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