Drop of Golden Sun at Ste. Anne’s Spa

It was a tough winter in terms of warm one day then freezing cold the next. That can wreck havoc with your health. It dries you out and sets up a good environment for colds to settle in – not to mention it dries your skin out too. 

This cold February I was invited to join a group of women at the world class Ste. Anne’s Spa right here in Ontario. Known as one of the best rejuvenation facilities in the world, Ste. Anne’s is a place committed to restoring your true self. This is a quote from their site:

“The Ste. Anne’s philosophy focuses on creating an atmosphere to help rebuild your strength, recapture your energy, and reflect on what’s truly important in your life. Taking time for yourself is crucial, otherwise your health, family, work and spiritual needs will suffer.”

I’m so excited to share my complete experience with you! Click here to read all about it on the newly launched travel site Drop of Golden Sun. I’ll tell you what I thought about the grounds, the accommodations, the food and of course, the spa. 

Ste. Anne's

“The Sun shines upon us all.”  

(This is an excerpt of the post I wrote linking to the full version here.)

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