Eclectic Review of Jamberry StyleBox Nail Wraps


Is there someone on your list who loves to get their nails done but is short on time and money? Sounds exactly like the students I know. In researching ideas for my “Last Minute Gift Ideas Students Won’t Actually Hate” Gift Guide, StyleBox by Jamberry was suggested.

This is a monthly subscription service available for 3 or 6 months delivering two sets of nail wraps and other goodies each time, ( cost between $30 and $32 per month ). Each set of nail wraps are able to do your finger nails 2-4 times each, depending on the size. Way less than the $35 I pay for one manicure. The Jamberry nail wraps look kind of like stickers that go on your nails but stay on usually for two weeks at a time. Much longer than regular nail polish. IMG_8283

What’s in the StyleBox?

Your gift recipient can select the designs they want each month. Each month they will receive Jamberry products made up of two exclusive items that have been developed just for StyleBox, and occasionally a bonus item. ( Examples of past bonus items – lipstick, nail lacquer, eye shadow, metallic temporary tattoos. ) They will also receive a nail file and orange stick so that they have fresh application tools each month.

As I mentioned every month three special designs are available to choose from. Here is an example of the December selections – available to order until December 15th: ( Click here to see the current monthly options. )


Final Word:

This is a useful gift to give or send to anyone who enjoys trouble free and long lasting fancy nails. I included it in this guide specifically because I think it’s great for students who are busy studying and don’t have time to spend doing and re-doing nail polish. With the variety of patterns available to choose from, there will be something for every taste. 

Here is a set I had on in before I received the Christmas specials.

Here is a set I had on in before I received the Christmas specials – going on day 14.

With it being the festive time of the year, when boring married people like me tend to get dolled up and taken out for a spin, it’s more important than ever to find a solution to look good long term. With this product, you can apply it once and enjoy it for weeks at a time. Sounds good to me! 

Jennifer Gill from Jamberry has created a giveaway for us. I hope you will all enter! 2 winners will each win 1 sheet of wraps ($17.50 ARV), and 1 winner will get 3 sheets ($60 ARV).

Just so you know, a Stylebox was provided to me for review purposes, and all opinions are my own. 

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