So I have this Microwave Egg Cooker thing. I received it as part of a swag bag at the BConnected Conference in Ottawa this spring. (Egg Farmers of Canada was there!) I put it away when I got home and forgot about it until recently. I thought I’d give it a try and here is what I found.

First you crack an egg and put it in the cup, pop the yolk, add a bit of salt and pepper:


Nuke it for 30 seconds with the lid on and it looks like this:


This is what turns out:


It’s pretty neat. There wasn’t any bad plastic taste just egg. Since then we’ve experimented with cheese, onion, ham, tomato – you can put anything in these. It works fast enough that you can make a bunch of them too.

I also used it to make an egg for egg salad really fast.

I’d say this egg-speriment was egg-stremely successful.



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