Empty Nest Bingeing

empty nest bingeing

Up until a few weeks ago, there would probably have been great discussion about what show we should watch during the infrequent times we’d watch tv as a family. As the kids have grown up, we’ve spent less and less time together watching movies and shows. It’s not that our interests became different – actually we all seem to watch the same kind of shows now that they are older. It’s more that we had different preferences for when we watch. I’m more of an early evening kind of watcher whereas my kids prefer to stay up later. empty nest bingeing

However, now that they are both off at school, my husband and I – new empty nesters, find it’s much easier to pick something that we can both agree on. Usually it’s just a matter of narrowing down a genre be it science fiction, mystery, or something lighter like romantic comedy. It’s usually science fiction.

In honour of this month being the first we haven’t had the kids around we decided there are a few shows we needed to watch or rewatch that appealed mostly just to us. Check out this first list (all with links) for our empty nest bingeing:

All the Star Treks:

The Original Series

The Next Generation  

empty nest bingeing star trek

Deep Space Nine


empty nest bingeing voyager


Star Trek new movies  

All the Marvel’s:


Jessica Jones

Luke Cage

Iron Fist

The Defenders  

empty nest bingeing marvel

Marvel’s The Defenders

The Punisher 
(Coming soon!) 

empty nest bingeing the punisher

Marvel’s The Punisher

Now I’m not saying that the kids don’t like to watch these shows it’s just that we like to watch all of them, in order, and sometimes more than once. I’m so glad we can find them all on Netflix since we no longer have a dvd player in this house, rendering our huge collection of discs useless lol. (Um, also our vhs tapes are sort of useless now too – but who wants to ditch the classics!?)

Whether you are an empty nester or not, I hope you have a great time enjoying these shows and movies as well!

I am a Netflix Ambassador – that means I get to share my opinion about my favourite shows and movies in exchange for advanced notice about some upcoming releases, a subscription and the occasional really cool gift. 

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