This submission is from a very kind friend. We are so honoured to have met Mark Canning. He is an intelligent and dependable citizen. Our family would follow him, and his common sense to the ends of the earth. Our government could learn much from this man. Thanks for your words Mark.

Every once in awhile you meet people who are just nice. They don’t have any agenda, they are unassuming and don’t want anything from you. Carin and Paul are those kinds of people. I met Carin by chance through a friend of mine who was doing my social media for a position of public office I was running for recently. We chatted about what I believed in as a politician and what was important for the community. We met again at a fundraiser not too long after that. Citizens don’t care much about politics today let alone a wannabe politician but Carin and soon after that Paul, wanted to help in the campaign. It is rare today to get people to help you in a campaign, let alone someone you just met. But Carin and Paul were all in right from the beginning. I could sense from the beginning that these  are just the kind of people they are…committed and willing to stick with a job until it is done. During the campaign you have highs and lows but Carin and Paul never waivered from the “we will win this thing attitude”….you need that as a politician particularly in a tough campaign.  I also got to know them and the kids personally(apparently known as Thing 1 and Thing 2)…and they were not much different from Carin and Paul…both  committed to helping people or a cause and as time went on also wanted to help with the campaign. Campaigns are funny things. But I think the greatest thing about them is the people you meet along the way…you get to know them, what is happening in there life and every once in awhile you get to meet people like Carin and Paul and the kids… making the world a better place…and just really nice people…

Mark and Furbabies

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