Fairy Dust

It’s true that with teens in this house there isn’t as big an audience for this amazing craft as there used to be. Now I have to count on nieces, nephews and littles who visit to appreciate these tricks. I don’t mind since I consider it part of staying in shape for future grandkids – this kind of craft will blow away their little imaginative minds and they’ll be so enthralled! 

First you have to realize that it’s the simple things that have the most impact on littles. I’ve always believed that less is more with young kids and if you keep things simple they will appreciate the experience that much better. Kid’s work is PLAY. The more they can use their imaginations, the more fun they will have and the better developed their brains will be.

I love this craft – I think the possibilities are endless for storytelling, adventures, and creating cause and effect scenarios. I’ve wanted to share the idea for a long time and luckily I had all the bits and pieces I needed in my stash for this month’s craft challenge. 

The list of items you need for this:

Glue – either glue gun or stick depending on what you are sticking to the cork.
Glitter – any colour you want – perhaps seasonally picked colours.
Containers – I like the glass ones but if you are worried about safety plastic ones are available and sometimes the glitter comes in nice little plastic containers. 
Funnel – if you are transferring glitter to another bottle you will need a funnel that will be small enough for it.
Stickers, rhinestones, flowers or whatever you would like to have on the tops. 

Fairy Dust fun

The instructions are pretty straight forward:

Transfer glitter to the bottle of choice, attach desired items to the tops of the bottles to make it look whimsical, then perhaps add a rolled up note to explain things. 

It’s magical if you leave them on a fence post or somewhere for the littles to come across. 

You can use these lovely little bottles to sprinkle Magic Fairy Dust for so many reasons including: red and green sprinkles on the snow to let Santa know where he needs to stop; Let the Tooth Fairy know it’s time for a visit by sprinkling it outside of the child’s window; Pastel colours around the house as a signal to the Easter Bunny; or sprinkle all sorts of colours on the garden in the spring to encourage the flowers to grown. 

Just a warning though, as soon as ‘sprinkles’ or glitter enters your house, it will never leave. LOL.

Enjoy your fairy magic time and remember it doesn’t last as long as your think so make moments matter. 

Fairy Dust container

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Fairy Dust instructions

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