Fire, Friends and Food

This evening I spent a wonderful time with some of very good friends having a “Gathering Around the CrockPots.”

Sign photo credit H.McMann

One of the kids made this super awesome sign to welcome everyone.

We lined up the crocks, dished out the food and snuggled around a big table outside to enjoy our feast.

The gathering of the crocks - Photo credit H.McMann

There was a Chicken Mushroom crockpot, a Thai Chicken crockpot, Freezer Leftovers Soup crockpot, and the Simple Lasagna CrockPot that I brought. ( You can find that recipe on the Yummy Mummy Club website here. )


After dinner we enjoyed a fire in the backyard pit. It’s a lovely full moon tonight. That combined with the cool weather, full bellies and crackling fire was a great way to start the weekend and start this week.


You should try this one day. Invite a bunch of friends over for a pot luck crock pot feast. It’s a simple way to have a nice dinner and gathering with people you like to hang out with. Bonus if one of your friends has a fire pit!

Next time I want to do it with a dessert crockpot and maybe some apple cider in a crockpot too. Good times!

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