Four Legged Fur Babies

Funny story – I told a few people I was asked to write about the Shih Tzus in our family and they all laughed. I guess you could say I’m a bit obsessed with my fur babies.

Mazey and Monty fur babies

It all started with a little ball of fluff nine years ago who we will call Mazey. Mazey is the perfect dog for our family – she’s huggable, smart, expressive and full of personality. Oh and I can tolerate her with my allergies. Purebred Shih Tzu’s are the only animal I can be around without being in allergy agony – as long as they don’t get wet because then like the Furbies they become monsters to my allergies.

Mazey blue hair clip fur babiesMazey became our third child in many ways – she actually thinks she is a child – not a dog and she has very little tolerance for other dogs. It’s not so much that she looks down on them, more that she doesn’t like having her butt sniffed. Cats seem to be ok as friends to Mazey – I guess they are less interested in that kind of thing.

mazeyandboy fur babies
Our kids learned responsibility at an early age by having Mazey around when they were first 8 and 10 years old. It was important to me as a parent that they learn to participate in her care daily to help them develop a sense of empathy and responsibility.

For six years Mazey was the Queen of the castle. Then “Monty-gate” happened.

monty hammock fur babiesMonty is our fourth child and he tugs at my heart in many similar yet different ways as Mazey. He’s just as loveable, expressive and communicative as her, but he also loves other dogs. Plus, he has had more than his share of health issues. fur babies

When he was a few months old Monty inhaled liquid and after a month of antibiotics ended up with a permanent heart murmur. Just after turning a year old, we suspect he ate poison in some form that may have been left in a walking area. He had to have stomach surgery with a lengthy dose of anti-poison iv fluids to clean out his tiny body. We also suspected then that he had food sensitivities but we weren’t sure what from.

Monty and I my fur babiesAfter weeks of uncharacteristic lethargy, at two years old, he was diagnosed with severe bladder crystals. He had the blockages removed and was given medication to help him heal.

This was when we were introduced to Royal Canin. Since starting this food he doesn’t vomit every few days, (from pain or allergies in the food we were previously feeding him,) and he doesn’t snap like he sometimes did from pain when you try to pick him up.

monty and the violets fur babiesWhen you have a dog as part of your family you know they protect you, love you, they don’t hold things against you and they cheer you up. What dogs don’t do is tell you where they hurt. As tuned in to Monty as I am, I was not able to understand the amount of pain he was suffering from until he was stumbling into walls with his eyes closed. This was heart breaking and we all felt so helpless.

Dogs are our anti-depressants, our protectors and our non-judging friends. They round out our family and remind us that love is always available. I’m so glad we found a simple cure for Monty and it is in the form of a food he loves. Who knew the solution could be so easy?

kids and fur babiesI encourage all dog owners to learn more about their particular breed’s nutrition requirements at this link: (What should I feed my purebred dog?) It is very interesting how this company has developed food shapes and sizes to cater to the needs of the different kind of breeds. The Shih Tzu kibble is small and ‘u’ shaped to make it easier to pick up with their smaller jaws and short snouts.

I now feel like Monty is living his life to it’s fullest potential. And that’s a good thing because some days the fur babies are my favourite people in this family. fur babies

Do you have a special fur baby in your life?

Fur Babies Forever!

This post was sponsored but all opinions are honest and my own.


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