A pet peeve of mine has always been cell phone videos that are taken from cell phones not turned sideways. This first video below, while the subject matter is adorable, was filmed wrong. I admit that I filmed it before being enlightened.

I am posting it and exposing myself to scrutiny so you will have the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. 😉

The Wrong Way:

As you can see, having the cell phone in the upright, vertical or portrait position, you lose out on a lot of the scene. All you see is this skinny strip of the world.

This can be particularly annoying if you are not filming a tiny puppy in plain old grass.

The Right Way: 

Do you notice the big, huge, obvious improvement in your viewing screen? All this is accomplished by turning your cell phone sideways, horizontal or landscape. (The quality of the video isn’t great that’s true but it illustrates the point. Plus it is important to note I filmed it from above.)

I had to be told this which really bugs me now since I think it’s pretty obvious.The fact is, cell phone video recorders record in the horizontal direction as all digital devices you’d view them on are formatted to expand the recording to fill in the 16 x 9 screens. But only when you record horizontally.

Here are some professional tips:



Back to me. Just because I messed up these videos of the dogs, doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth watching for their cute factor:

This movie is a horror since it is ON THE SIDE! Gahhh! How could I be so daft?

I’d love to see links to your videos in the comments below. I hope this post has been useful to you.

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