Fresh as a Flower

As the days grow longer certain nasty truths are being revealed in my house – like patches of yuck here and there, a behind the toilet no-touchy zone that needs some major TLC, and fuzzy dust things sticking out from the wall in the corner. It’s time to get some spring cleaning started. fresh

I’m not fond of housecleaning – not even a little bit. But, recently I was given a bottle of Spring Blossom Pine-Sol and figured now would be as good a time as any to “get my clean on”. I dislike chemical smells so luckily this stuff smells great. I have many memories from growing up of my Dad whipping out the pine scented Pine-Sol to get some serious cleaning done and for me, that piney scent is a comfort thing. But that is really more of a winter smell in my opinion. 

Now that it’s spring it’s nice to have the fresh smell of Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Magnolia scent the air as the spring breezes circulate through the house. I love to fling open the windows to blow away the winter blues – make everything fresh as a flower. 

One of the busiest rooms in the house is the powder room by the front door. Every manner of dirt passes through that sink and the floor is often covered in seasonally appropriate forms of mud. It’s the room most visited by guests too which means that in a house with four bathrooms, this one is most likely to need be cleaned the most.

fresh clean toilet

Is it just me or do you see this toilet smiling? It likes the Spring Blossom scent too!

I like to fill up a big bucket of hot water, add a healthy dose of Spring Blossom Pine-Sol, then armed with my gloves, sponges, mop and toothbrush I attack it all in a mad flurry of motion. Starting with getting everything off the counter, I work my way down to the floor. Something I like about Pine-Sol is that I can use the same cleanser to do all the jobs in that bathroom. I even have a squirt bottle I fill up with a mixture of Pine-Sol and water to wipe down the walls. The toothbrush is great for getting around the sink rim and faucets.

Best part of this job this year is the amazing fresh smell of my bathroom now – and it’s been a few days. There is a satisfying feeling of knowing that you’ve done a good job that will last a few days at least before you have to start putting it off again. 

Here are a couple of the “special” areas I’m most likely to tackle at this time of the year:

The kitchen cupboards. They build up grease like nobody’s business. Pine-Sol has always been great for getting it off – especially after the winter build up. It takes the grease off and leaves the wood finish behind. Wiping along the tops of all the cupboards and microwave vent is a HUGE part of this job and things look so much better when it is done.

Then there are the light fixtures. Using a diluted mix sprayed onto a cloth I make sure all the winter web monkeys have been sent packing. Lamp shades, bulbs, bases and cords – nothing is safe from me at this time of the year. Add to this anything that hangs from the walls – pictures, candles, thermostat, curtain rods, and switch plates

Window screens need to be taken down one at a time and sprayed in the shower with water to remove the worst of the winter grime. I use the spray bottle with the Pine-Sol / water mix in it next and leave it for a few minutes to soak. Then a quick rinse and outside to air dry for a few minutes before getting put back in the window. Just in time for the fresh air, butterflies and bumble bees to come back. 

Fresh scented

Yep it’s true – smells fresh as a flower!

In another month I’ll be able to get the bucket filled again to tackle the patio furniture in time for sitting out to enjoy the blossoms opening up in the back yard. Maybe that will inspire me to Pine-Sol my outside window frames, bbq and light fixtures? In the meantime, I’m going to use a bit of this delightful cleaner to give our cars a quick wipe down on the inside. 

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Happy Spring everyone!


*** This post was sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

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