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Ever since the kids started school we’ve declared Friday night the time for sitting around the tube, eating popcorn and watching movies together. Even now with one of our ‘littles’ away at school, we still keep up the tradition. It involves the treats of pizza, pop and popcorn. 

It’s nice to have a tradition in this day and age. The social lives are busy with the teenagers and my husband works two jobs away from home but one thing that is constant is our Friday night movie night. 

How do we decide what to watch? It’s a matter of polling to see if the mood is for humour, science fiction, classic, scary, romantic, teen or drama. Then there is the question animated or not? 


We have used this night to educate the kids on what we feel are important cultural references from movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, the Sixth Sense, the Others, Mission Impossible, the Princess Bride, Scooby Doo, Ever After… all available on good old Netflix. 

A new idea has recently surfaced for a bingo game that I found from Netflix. It adds a slightly different angle to movies where you can play a game at the same time as watching. We have come up with many different levels of competition including a grown up version with beer shots. (You can do that when your kids have grown way up.) You can also use bite sized chocolate bars or jelly beans or whatever as markers, and whoever gets a line filled out first gets all the treats on their card. The rest go back into the bowl for the next round.

Feel free to use this link to print off your own bingo cards. Have fun with it and let me know what versions you think up! 


I was not paid to write this post but I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam dedicated to sharing my Netflix opinions with the world! 

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