Frozen Beach Glass

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At this time of the year it is really so wonderful to get out into nature, breath the fresh, cold air, and move your body. When you live in a snowy place half the year you learn to either find things to do outside or you are miserable while you wait for spring. My husband and I like to head to the beach to check out the waves – they take on a whole new character in the winter.

The beach is my happy place and somewhere I feel connected to the planet. I can think about life while listening to the tides go in and out rhythmically or just look at the pretty colours of the rocks while shutting off all thoughts. It’s easy to meditate there. 

My husband and I enjoy beach glass hunting amongst all the rocks and driftwood and one day I plan to do wonderful things with the many bits and pieces we have collected. I’m not sure exactly what yet but it’ll all become abundantly clear soon enough.

Some beach glass finds

In the meantime they wait patiently in glass jars.

Yesterday was wonderful. It was -8°C on the north side of Lake Ontario and the waves were fierce and crashing even though it was sunny and not windy at all. Everything on the shore was covered in a layer of ice that made it all look glass coated. Slippery too. The waves kept tossing up pretty rocks and beach glass though – the perfect weather for it.  

I’d love to get out to one of the oceans on the east or west coasts one day to check out their beach treasures. In the meantime, I am very content to wander around here. 

If you have any ideas for beach glass crafts let me know what they are in the comments. Also, follow along on our beach adventures on my Instagram account here.  I’d love to see your finds too!


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