Girls Movie Night Has Arrived!

We have been talking about doing a Girls Pizza / Movie Night for so long and it is finally here! There will be lots of yummy treats, wine and pizza. The only thing is we aren’t sure  what to watch yet so I am bringing the following 3 Netflix ideas to the table:

The Discovery SUPER weird idea that this scientist has discovered where you go when you die. Or has he? Millions of people around the planet decide to kill themselves to go where he says they will go but what really happens to them? I have seen this movie and it is an interesting storyline that explores some of the ramifications of a discovery of this nature. Robert Redford, Jason Segel and Rooney Mara offer twists and turns that will keep you wondering to the very end. 

Bad Teacher An oldie but a goodie – who doesn’t love seeing Cameran Diaz kick ass and push back against the institution in this bawdy comedy romance? With other actors such as Justin Timberlake, Lucy Punch, and Jason Segel you know you are guaranteed some serious laughs. 

Mr. Right I watched this at the insistence of my daughter last year and I truly enjoyed it. I have liked Sam Rockwell since I first saw him and his dance moves in Charlie’s Angels and Anna Kendrick is always entertaining. Another movie I consider to have surprises with a fun and unusual theme. 

I like movies that are surprising and not predictable in the traditional sense and these three fit that bill. Who knows, maybe we will end up watching all three? Any good ones you can think of?

*As a Netflix Ambassador I am given a subscription, mailers, pre-screenings and sometimes a fun night out. All I have to do is tell you my honest opinion about Netflix stuff from time to time. 

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