Give the “Gift of Hope” this Christmas Season!

Thank you for having me back on as a guest poster, Carin.

Holiday season is upon us now that it is officially November! Invites to Holiday corporate parties and festive get togethers are already on their way.

If you are planning to do a ‘Secret Santa’ with your co-workers and/or family this year, why not consider something different …. like donating to a special cause as a group.  Instead of giving “Sue” another funny mug or “Ted” a set of wacky plaid socks, consider making a donation in their name or in your group’s name. Whether your group is your department or family members. A touching way to give back to the business community you work and play in!

Tweet “Instead of giving “stuff” this year, many of these national and local charities are running great campaigns to build awareness to help families and children in need.”

Remember “Giving Tuesday” is Tuesday December 1st … but you don’t have to wait until then to make your gift count.


These are some organizations that could benefit from your Christmas donation, whatever the amount.

Operation Christmas Child – Samaritan’s Purse Canada
My son’s school did this last year and it really resonated with me. Knowing you are sending simple items like soap, toothbrushes, and, school supplies to children that really need them overseas. Items that we have at our disposal can bring children overseas so much joy and relief.

We’ve already packed our shoebox for this year’s donation.

Check their website for a drop-off location within your community.

You can sponsor a child in your region, whether you are in Ottawa, Regina or in Hamilton. Your money will reach a child near you; knowing you are doing your part to make your community a better place. And if you’d like to make a general donation, know it will be going to enhance the programs they offer such as Kinder Kidz and Junior Leadership. Shaping minds for the future!

Music Counts
I spotted an advertisement while I sat and waited for Koba Entertainment’s Bubble Guppies show at Hamilton Place a few weekends ago. The ad was catchy and effective, enough for me to remember to tell some of my musician friends. This powerful cause is determined in saving music programs within our Canadian schools. I tried piano and clarinet when I was in grade school … that was the extent of my musical abilities. But I’ve always appreciated those that can read and make beautiful music.

Poverty Revolution – Food for the Hungry Canada

Food for the Hungry is a Christian non-profit organization, based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, dedicated to ending poverty – one community at a time. By sponsoring a child, or giving unique gifts such as livestock, garden tools, school classroom supplies, and medical equipment; all these are practical in helping communities become independent and sustainable.  From buying a cow or goat, to a sewing machine or sports equipment, these will benefit the young and old in strengthening their overall communities.


Do you know of any other charitable events of this nature? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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