Healthy is the key word

It is a very exciting time in our household – both kids are home and they have amazing summer jobs lined up at a local campground. 

Even though my daughter is still in school, she started work a month early. Her typical routine now involves getting to school by 8:10am Monday to Friday, then heading to work right after. This shift ends at 11:15pm on Friday, and starts again at 8am Saturday and Sunday.

It’s a lot of work for her to get all those lunches and dinners prepared – especially with ‘end of year’ school assignments and exams looming. She needs to learn all sorts of new tricks to keep up with this hectic schedule. 

As a mum I want to encourage her independence with making her own meals but I also have a concern that she is eating healthy.

[tweetthis]You know how people, and especially teens get when they are hungry[/tweetthis]

You know how people, and especially teens get when they are hungry – things become so much more challenging. By preparing healthy snacks ahead of time she’ll be less inclined to grab junk food and the good stuff will give her some much needed energy. 

containers to put healthy snacks in

This week, we decided to prepare a number of items for her to grab fast for lunches, snacks and dinners. Everything was cleaned and cut up perfectly so she could just put it into her lunch container and head out.

This is what we started with:

green pepper
cleaned berries
boiled eggs

In our experiment we prepared everything for Thursday afternoon to start the week on Friday morning. I thought we’d use some of these storage products from Glad to keep things fresh for the week: 

To be quite honest, I’m not big on preparing things ahead of time. It’s hard for me to set the time and energy aside to do this but I’ve decided to step up to the plate and be a good example. It was actually a lot faster than I thought it would be to get it all ready.


This first weekend flew by and you know what? It’s actually been really handy to have all this healthy stuff ready. I know it is a sensible thing to do but actually ‘doing it’ was the hard part. Now that I can see the benefits, not only will I be more inclined to do this again but she will be too. 

We added in sliced cheddar and kielbasa for the after school snacks and a container with diced onion, pepper and cheddar for quick morning eggs.

My daughter’s mornings have been smoother making for a happier, and better fed teenager. There is less stress, confusion and decision making drama each day. She’s making healthy choices and there isn’t a ton of produce sitting in my produce drawer rotting away forgotten. These containers are front and centre. (Studies suggest that we eat more of foods that are easy to access and visible.)

Glad containers holding healthy snacks in the fridge.

The lids are very easy to put on – you press down in the centre and they snap into place. As you can see they are stackable too.

Unexpected bonus:

The eggs, onion and kielbasa smells didn’t take over the fridge. The cheese stayed the perfect consistency, the celery and carrots didn’t get gross and dehydrated, the cucumber wasn’t soggy, and the kid had eggs for breakfast every single day! 

The compost was definitely smaller after the weekend. (Sorry worms!)

Final word:

I’d rate this experiment a success. All the healthy food items in these containers didn’t get wasted this week – small miracle. Our compost bin was reduced and my daughter appreciated the convenience of having these healthy choices so accessible.  

As a matter of fact, so did my husband. He also makes his own lunches and decided this was a huge time saver in the morning. 

Thanks to Glad for helping us get on this track in time for summer. It has made things so much better in terms of healthy, accessible food and cost savings from less waste. 

This post was sponsored but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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