Hippoty Hoppoty Happy Easter Treats!

Crazy Mad Hunting Success to You ALL!

I grew up in Scarborough in a semi-detached bungalow house with a finished basement apartment. One Easter morning, my two brothers and my sister and I were instructed to go down into this apartment – apparently an investigation needed to be launched. 


It was very dark in our basement. And spooky. If not for the little foil sparkly on the floor by the light switch we wouldn’t have made it. With ALL the lights turned on we proceeded to hunt our little hearts out. As the oldest of the four, I had to curb my enthusiasm while the babies caught up. I was not a patient child. 


When we peeked into the bathroom we had the biggest surprise EVER. Dad had left a tray of wet yellow paint by the window and there were splashes on the linoleum floor! And footprints going across the floor to the wall leading right up and out the window! Bunny shaped footprints! OMG we had proof that the Easter bunny was REAL! (Not that we ever doubted it of course!) 


Can you top that? Those footprints remained on the floor until someone moved in down there and had the nerve to remove them but they are forever etched into my memory. I was probably 9 or 10 so it was a long time ago.


My kids still like the chocolate part of Easter. The eating part that is. They were not so enthusiastic this morning when we dragged them out of bed at the crack of 9. How is it fair that when we wanted to sleep in in years past they couldn’t sleep past 5 and now that we are up early – they aren’t? Life is weird that way.


I have to give them some credit though – they did search out almost everything Le Grande Bunbun hid for them this year. Thing 1 fell asleep halfway through but Thing 2 prevailed. Only 4 missing still for us to discover in the months to come. The stakes were pretty high this year – two dogs meant finding eggs so they wouldn’t find them and get sick. (It added a little excitement to their purpose.)


Later on we will be visiting our little 3 year old nephew to enjoy his glee with the day. He’ll humour us I’m sure.easter2

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